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High resolution textures for Blighttown.

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Replaces textures for the majority of Blighttown. All of the textures have been made completely from scratch by me. I tried to keep the feel of the original textures while increasing the resolution and sharpness, but they're not exactly the same.

There are two versions, one is completely lossless and has several 4096^2 size textures. As a result, it is approximately 350mb in size. The second is a more reasonable size, only 40mb or so, with the textures compressed and resized. The loss in image quality is next to none. I would not suggest using the lossless version unless you have at least 2gb of vram.

I have only checked what the textures look like in Blighttown. If any other areas reuse these textures and there's a significant problem with them, please let me know.'

I also plan to expand this in the immediate future, as I made several textures while making this mod that are currently unused.