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Replace the knight set in ds ptde with ripped ds3 knight set (not the nameless knight set)

Permissions and credits
-Meow for dsfbx import
-Fromsoftware for ds3 ASSets

To install first rename the .partsbnd files to the knight set :
-AM_A_9550.partsbnd   (The Gauntlet)
-HD_A_9550.partsbnd    (The helmet)
-BD_A_9550.partsbnd    (The Body Armour)
-LG_M_9550.partsbnd   (The Legging)
(Cause i name my file with 'New_HD_A_9550' and so on, just delete the 'New_')

then make two copy of each part then rename it like this:
(this is since hollow state and human state use different model, but i use the same model anyways)
For leggings you might want to make another copy for female version since the female one uses 'LG_F_9550.partsbnd' and doing the same proccess

(The proccess is kinda complicated but it's not really in great state right now, so i don't feel like uploading a big redundant file, but hope you like it)

Drag all the files in dsdad and launch the game.