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Berserk was a great source of inspiration for Miyazaki when he worked on the game. This mods changes one of the most prominent references to make it closer to the source material.

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This mod is a tribute for both Dark Souls and Berserk communities. Even if it doesn't fit the lore, I hope some of you can derive enjoyment from seeing the two universes cross over ^^ 

Replaces Artorias, his boss name and related player gear with the berserker armor. I wasn't able to make mix&matching with vanilla gear possible, but pants can be used with most armors and headpiece can be replaced with some helmets covering the head and neck.

Also check out Othienka's Bloody retexture for the player set! It also has updated item descriptions.

*kirito armor not included*

1. Unpack game's files with UNPACKDARKSOULSFORMODDING (no need to keep temporary files)
2. Back up the original files!
3. Select a folder from the .rar file and extract it to the /DATA/ folder (you can extract both or either single on of them)

I've reworked the entire mod from the ground up to fit all upload guidelines

Thanks to Meowmaritus for developing the DSFBX tool and TextVessel tool which made modding the game possible