HQ Painted World Art by Rennn
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Added: 08/10/2012 - 04:51AM
Updated: 29/04/2016 - 04:04PM

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Last updated at 16:04, 29 Apr 2016 Uploaded at 4:51, 8 Oct 2012

The 2k version of this mod has now been integrated into my HD texture pack, found here:

For the most accurate comparison, open the images above in a new tab and view the full sized versions. Otherwise it's not possible to see the quality difference as it'll be in-game when the painting is massive.

The painting entrance to the Painted World is actually quite low-res despite being huge and important. This mod upscales that painting to 2k and 4k, and adds high resolution oil paint and canvas filters to hide the blur. As a result, the painting looks more like a painting and is higher quality up close.

This HD replacer may cause a single consistent framerate hiccup when you approach Anor Londo. This can be considered an engine limitation, and the only way I can see to avoid it would be to use a supercomputer that's above petty limitations like cpu bottlenecking or vram shortages. Most users will likely prefer the 2k (2048) version, to minimize this hiccup.

If you like a mod, including this one, please return to comment or endorse. This wasn't a hard mod to make so it doesn't matter as much, but generally modders appreciate feedback on their work.

Within this download there are two folders. One is named 2048x2048, while the other is named 4096x4096.

Take the .dds texture from ONE of these folders (not both), and place it inside your dsfix/tex_override folder. Make sure you have texture overrides enabled in your dsfix ini.