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If you don't want to play every single time the same game, now I'm presenting for you my work:
Dark Souls the Age of Chaos
In this mod you can see the completely new experience for a Dark Souls fan, almost everything is changed here, you will find out in our time...

Permissions and credits
If you don't want to see spoilers now, please, download it and see yourself!

Spacing for your decision...

Otherwise, if you still want to know, I will explain it.

///Also, remember to put TAC tag in fron of your steam ID, of course it is optional, but using it, you allow to play online with players using the same tag.///

>Upgrades and infusions:
-Now all weapons will be refined to +5 only with the same amount of materials, armors and shields still the same upgrade path.
-Stone Knight set can up to +5, defences are reduced.
-Crystal sword and Greatsword can be upgraded to +5 and be repaired, 60 durability only.

-Infusions now can be made from +0 weapons. Crystal infusion removed.
-Regular: Less early scalings.
-Raw: 1.5x to 3.5x all dmg.
-Enchanted: less physical, more magic damage, increased str/dex scalings (from the old), increased int scaling. Added new hit effect.
-Divine: high physical and magic damage, medium fth scaling, str/dex scalings a bit lower. Added new hit effect.
-Occult: low physical, good magic damage, have int/fth scalings. Added new hit effect.
-Fire: Same as old lightning, with fire instead.
-Chaos: medium physical and fire damage, medium int scaling, scales with humanity.
-Lightning: same as enchanted with lightning dmg and fth scaling instead.
-Uniques: a bit lower early scaling, increases scales along the upgrade. Elemental uniques have a hit effect.
-Boss: increases scales along the upgrade.
-Some unique weapons are now regular.
-Some sets can be upgraded now.

-Pyromancies have int requirement.
-Pyromancy flame scales with int.
-Added Flame weapon pyromancy.
-All soul arrows have a larger hitbox.

>Mobs and defences:
-Some mobs deal more damage, each with a different variation of.
-Added a global defences balancer for every entity in the game, turning split damage more viable.
-Stone Knight have high physical and magic resistances, your hits deal magic damage and are 25% faster. Also drops your set.
-Darkwraith have high physical and magic resistances, your hits deal magic damage. Drops Dark set and Dark Sword, removed Dark Hand drop.
-Silver Knights have high physical and lightning defences. Also drop your set.
-All demons are now resistant against fire.
-Black knights have high physical and fire resistances.
=PINWEEL: 25% faster, increased all resistances, increased maximum health.
-Great Lord Greatsword does fire damage, scales with fth.
-Moonlight Greatsword and Butterfly Horn have a bit of physical damage, poor str/dex scalings, reduced int scaling. The greatsword still getting S.
-Some regular weapons have now different base damages.

>Character stats:
-Str/dex now have 50 points of effective scaling, instead of 40.
-Poison now deals 4 times more damage and 1/4 duration.
-Dragon King Greataxe inflicts poison on hits.

-Demon Great Machete are now a Great Machete, more str scaling.
-Falchion have less dex and more str scalings.
-Silver Knight Straight Sword have more dex scaling, 110 divine mutipler, cannot be buffed.
-Stone greataxe now is a regular weapon, does strike dmg type.
-Black Knight Halberd have less base dmg and more dex scaling.
-Black Knight Sword have less base dmg and more dex scaling.
-Black Knight Greatsword have less str and more dex scalings.
-Dark Sword still regular and now deals magic damage.
-Stone Greatsword now deals a bit more magic and less damages, scales more with str and int,
less with dex and weight only 14 units. (INSTEAD OF ANVIL 18 POUNDS THAT MAKES LITERALLY NO SENSE!)
-Battle Axe scales more with str and less with dex.
-Claymore scales a bit more with dex than str.
-Greatsword mesh changed, damage increased compared to Zweihander.