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A mod that changes everything, including the mobs, weapons, poison, bleeding and a lot of stuff, giving you a completely new experience.

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If you don't want to see spoilers now, please, download it and see yourself!

Spacing for your decision...

Otherwise, if you still want to know, I will explain it.

///The DS remastered is watching your data files, you can be banned if you wish to play it online. But of course, the choice is yours.///

Last time i'm focused on remastered, but seems that PTDE is more worthy and safe to make mods, also the most part of downloads is from prepare to die.

                                                     ^^^^^^^^ UPDATES, PATCHES AND NEXT PATCHES ON ARTICLES TAB ABOVE ^^^^^^^^

>Regualr Weapons: Increased a bit scaling or/and base damage. Can only be upgraded to +5. Base upgrade soul cost increased. Material changed fairly. Some unique weapons now are regular.
>Infused Weapons: Scalings Increased. Magic infusion removed... Chaos infusion scales with int and humanity, lightning scales with fth as enchanted with int, fire as a old lightning but with fire.
 Divine keeps most of str/dex scalings, low fth scaling and moderated magic dmg. Occult scales with both int and fth, lower base damage.
>Unique Weapons: Upgrade path now increase scalings.
>Boss Weapons: Some with new damage types and other things... maybe new meshes?
>Added new weapons...
>Poison now deals much more damage, greatly reduced the duration.

>Enemies now have Unpredictable movements. A recent update...
>All defences updated. Reduced flat defences to add percentage defenses, reviving the infusions... Every entity in the game are affected, mobs, npcs, allies, invaders, you...
>All enemies have flat defences increased.
>Fire defences increased: Berenik Knights, Black Knights, Demons, Gwyn (A LOT), Gargoyles.
>Quelaag fire defences reduced, still extremely resistant, but not immune.

>Player defences are now reajusted, reduced flat defences and add percentage defences.
>Fast roll up to 50%, middle roll removed. Player maximum weight reduced by 30%.
>The leveling cost are a bit more cheaper now.

>All pyromancies now have int requirement. Some have your uses increased.
>Added Flame Weapon, Black Fire Orb pyromancies (Unobtainable yet...), Lightning Orb miracle.