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Replaces Knight Set model with that of the Fluted Set from Demon's Souls

Permissions and credits
Click here for the Dark Souls Remastered version

    1. Unpack your game with UnpackDarkSoulsForModding by HotPocketRemix ( https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1304/ )
  1. Paste all .partsbnd files from this zip into "DATA\parts\" folder. Override all 10 files.

Note: If you are paranoid and wish to backup your files, these are the ones you need to create backups of:

  - "DATA\parts\LG_M_9550_M.partsbnd"
  - "DATA\parts\AM_A_9550.partsbnd"
  - "DATA\parts\AM_A_9550_M.partsbnd"
  - "DATA\parts\BD_A_9550.partsbnd"
  - "DATA\parts\BD_A_9550_M.partsbnd"
  - "DATA\parts\HD_A_9550.partsbnd"
  - "DATA\parts\HD_A_9550_M.partsbnd"
  - "DATA\parts\LG_F_9550.partsbnd"
  - "DATA\parts\LG_F_9550_M.partsbnd"
  - "DATA\parts\LG_M_9550.partsbnd"

Known Issues:
  • When wearing only the chestpiece with no leggings equipped, the player's
  • rear end clips through the model. This is simply because the player from Dark Souls is thiccer than the player from Demon's Souls and cannot be fixed. If it bothers you, wear leggings along with it.