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About this mod

This utility allows you to customize the built-in visual filters of Dark Souls 1. Supports multiple profiles, global or localized filter replacement, and realtime editing.

Permissions and credits
Seven sample profiles are included:
    Cheerful - every area is a bit brighter and more saturated
    Gloomy - every area is a bit darker and less saturated
    Negative - inverted colors
    Night Vision - useful to see what you're doing in areas like Tomb of the Giants
    Noir - "gritty" black and white, for the hard-boiled detective type
    TK's Cut - a set of filters for the whole game that I happen to think are nice
    Vanilla - all default filters, for if you just want the modded fade effect

Extract the mod folder anywhere you like, then run DS Filter Customizer.exe.
Once Dark Souls is running, your filters will automatically be applied.

Click the Clone button to make a copy of an existing profile, or New to create a profile with default values.
There are four profile types:
  • Global - one filter will be applied no matter where you are.
  • Multiplier - the vanilla filters for each area will be multiplied by one filter you define.
  • Detailed - define one or two filters for each different area.
  • Full Control - every filter used by the game is available for editing.
Changes will take effect immediately in-game, but remember to click Save to make them permanent before closing the app.

Sharing Profiles
Your profiles can be found in the "profiles" folder alongside the .exe. Each one is saved in a separate .xml file, so all you need to do is upload it somewhere, and drop any downloaded profiles in the same folder.

Source Code
You can find the source on GitHub here: