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This is the mod page of my upcoming mod called "The breath of the Soul". It is inspired by The Legend Of Zelda - Breath of the Wild and will feature a lot of gameplay and mechanic changes to hopefully make you feel like you are playing a familiar but also quite different and fresh Dark Souls.
Check the description for more details.

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[left]Dark Souls - The breath of the Soul - WORK IN PROGRESS

What is this mod?
This is my second mod. Like I said it is inspired by The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild and it will change a lot.
The mod is still in development, but I wanted to inform you about the features that I have planned and what is already finished.
In fact this will be based on my other mod "Prepare to die again" but will change a lot more like new items, changed mechanics, different enemy-loot and so on.

Feature list (This will change in the future)
[  ] --> Not finished
[X] --> Already finished
[P] --> Currently in progress
- Weapons will break very fast and can not be repaired, so you have to check your inventory more often and consider which weapon suits best for each situation [X]
- Enemies drop weapons much more often [X]
- Weapons can be upgraded by only using souls [X]
- There will be some new items (New Buffs and new Healing items) [P]
- Weapons sold by merchants cost more [X]
- Changed Weapons (Name, damage, description, ...) [P]
- New starting classes [X]
- New starting gifts [X]
- Altered boss fights [  ]
- Changes to NG+ [  ]
- More freedom to explore (More areas to go to from the beginning of the game. A lot of the game will become "optional" but will be needed to have an easier time with the endboss) [X]
- Level-based events and enemy spawn [  ]

This is everything I can say right now. There will be some hidden features, so you can still be surprised.
If there are questions, ideas or suggestions, please let me know in the comments.[/left]