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A wasp-like recolour of the Lord's Blade set

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I always found it odd how the Hornet themed knight is blue and brown, so I decided to give Ciaran a bit more sting with this new armour! Gold and black go really well together, after all.

The lore for this (if you're into that kinda thing) is that after Artorias' death, Ciaran went mad with grief, dyeing her robes a deep black. Her once pristine porcelain mask was adorned with tear-like marks and darkened eyes, and over time even her armour began to darken.

Also included (as an optional file) is a matching colour of the Silver Knight Straight Sword, with a glistening golden blade matched with a black hilt.

This is my first ever mod for any game ever, so please do let me know if there are any mistakes! Also, I'd be more than happy to take requests!


S'pretty easy, ya dingus.
If you've got DSfix (which you should get if you haven't already), simply place the contents of this mod in the tex_override folder! Be sure to activate texture overrides in your dsfix.ini file!