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this is an incredibly simple mod that replaces the ariamis painting in Anor londo with a picture of monika. (Just monika.)

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Installation (if all goes according to plan):
1. Get DsFix if you somehow haven't already, or have forgotten to get dsfix.
2. Download the .zip to any folder you want, preferably a modding folder dedicated to dark souls 1 textures and mods.
3. Go into the folder you just extracted and copy the png. (Should be properly named "330906ff.png")
4. dump the 330906ff.png file into your dsfix texture override folder, which is normally in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA\dsfix\tex_override
5. That should be it! if all has gone well, you should now have monika as the painting. just monika.

Psst... go kill gwynevere and then check back on the painting.