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Replaces most enemies across all levels of the game with bonewheel skeletons

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Have you always wondered how it would feel like to get run over by a bonewheel skeleton in Firelink? Or in the Burg? Everywhere?!? Now you can live out that fantasy, since I've replaced most enemies in the game with these lovely creatures. I've also added their AI to all levels of the game, so they always behave just as you'd expect from a bonewheel.
In order to keep things fresh for the duration of the game, this mod includes some new variants of bonewheels that differ in look and stats to better fit the environment they're in, plus other surprises ;)

You can combine this with perma gravelording via CheatEngine if you're craving for more.

How to install

  1. Download the tool UnpackDarkSoulsForModding, put it into the DATA folder of your Dark Souls directory and run it (you'll need around 6GB of free space). This will unpack the game archives.
  2. (optional) Make backups of the files this mod will replace
  3. Extract the folders of this mod into the DATA directory, overwriting anything that already exists
  4. Done! Load your saves or start a new game

How to remove

  • Either restore your self-made backups....
  • .... or just copy over the contents of "unpackDS-backup" (created by the unpacking tool) to DATA folder. This will cause the game to ignore the mod and all the unpacked files.