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Edits any and all text in the game's data.

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This tool edits the .FMG text string package files that are packed within the .MSGBND files.

Requires your game to be unpacked with UnpackDarkSoulsForModding

You may be wondering "why would I use TextVessel instead of Wulf's FmgEdit?".
  • TextVessel lets you view/edit/save all 590 FMG files in the game's data (59 for each of the 10 languages) in one instance of the program, all without unpacking/repacking any binder files (aside from the initial unpacking done by UnpackDarkSoulsForModding, of course)
  • TextVessel has English translations of the Japanese text package file names so you know what's up.
  • TextVessel saves/loads the files so much faster that it is honestly pretty ridiculous; Wulf's tool takes upwards of 10 seconds to load/save one FMG file, whereas TextVessel takes a quarter of a second to load/save all 59 FMG files for any given language
  • TextVessel allows you to view/edit line breaks as actual line breaks whereas Wulf's tool has /n/ to represent a line break. In TextVessel, multi-line entries such as inventory descriptions actually appear as long paragraphs.
  • TextVessel highlights the game's special parameter value tokens in blue so they are more obvious. Special tokens include things like <?goodsNameId@108?>,<?pcPlayTime?>, <?mapName?>, etc. It achieves the highlighting by utilizing the AvalonEdit code editor control (using a modified version of the standard XML syntax highlighting definition)
  • TextVessel displays the game's text in what appears to be the original font that the ingame font textures were created with: Times New Roman, 24-pixel size, bitmap-scaled down to 75% scale.
  • TextVessel allows you to jump to a specific entry ID number with Ctrl+G.
  • TextVessel lets you filter which entries appear in the list using the controls on the top right (e.g. searching all entries with "catarina" in them)
  • TextVessel allows you to batch export text data to Json files as well as batch import text data from Json files (these options are under "File" in the menu bar)


  • Unzip anywhere you want.
  • Run program.
  • Browse to your DARKSOULS.exe file when prompted (this step is only done on first run).
  • Edit stuff.
  • Press Ctrl+S to save.