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Butterghost and Captain Casul

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A preview of an overhaul mod I'm working on. Fixes the following game breaking bugs:

The game is not entirely voice acted by me.

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Welcome to the Dark Souls Unofficial Patch! While playing Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition you may run into several game-breaking bugs. This mod aims to solve all of the bugs that dsfix does not!

The Unofficial Patch aims to fix the most grievous error in an un-patched Dark Souls game:

  • Every sound effect is not voice acted by me.

This demo covers Firelink through to Darkroot. Please note that not every sound effect has been voiced yet as this mod is a two-man effort. Currently half of frpg_main has been voiced and I'm waiting on the second person to send through his half. This means that certain sound effects (like blood and weapon sounds) still play normally unfortunately. However outside of this, with few exceptions, all of Firelink and Undead Burger/Parish have been revoiced!

Please note, this excludes NPC dialogue as we'll be doing them once the mod's fully released as there are over 1,600 lines to voice, and NPC sfx as those will be voiced after each area-specific sound has been!
Music will be a more sporadic thing that I can make no promises for, I dont think anyone wants the trailer music again.

[left]Want to see it in action? Sound too good to be true?

Option 1:
  1. Install via. the Drag and Drop Mod Manager
  2. You're golden!

Option 2:[/left]
  1. Download and run Unpack Dark Souls for Modding
  2. Copy the contents of the sound folder into the Dark Souls directory, overwriting when prompted
  3. You're golden!