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Drag and Drop Mod Manager - DSDAD offers a quick and easy solution to installing sound, enemy placement, and other mods to the game:

Drag and Drop raw mod files onto the program and Launch Dark Souls via DSDAD.

version 1.0.5: Added manual launch option for non-Steam users.

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Dark Souls Drag and Drop Mod Manager v1.0.5 - DSDAD v1.0.5

Added manual launch option for non-Steam users. This way DSDAD will try to install the mods to your specified non-Steam version of the game, but you'll have to launch it manually.

Requires the .NET framework to work properly.

File types that work with DSDAD:
-FSB(sound mods)
-MSB(enemy and/or object placement mods, suh as Perma-Vagrant-Gravelord, DS - Prepare to Die Again, EPiC - Enemy Placement Changes)
-PNG,TGA,DDS(DSFix texture mods)
-DCX(compressed format, most of the gamefiles are DCX files)

Any files extracted from DCX files:
-*.PARAMBND(parameter mods, such as Item Randomizer mods, Aggression mod, Alternative starting classesAll enemies are Gravelord)
-*.EMEVD(event mods, such as HotPocketRemix's Estus Quest, and CoelyPuffs' Better Chaos)
-*.PARTSBND(modelswap mods, such as Crown of Dusk Replacer)
-*.MSGBND(text mods, such as Improved texts, or custom translations.)
-*.ANIBND(animation mods, such as Gesture Cancel)

How to use:
1. Drag and drop raw mod files onto the program.
2. Launch Dark Souls via DSDAD.

How to uninstall mods: 
DSDAD automatically does that once the game has finished running. Because of this, it is recommended not to close DSDAD before Dark Souls! DSDAD has a "Restore Dark Souls" option if for whatever reason the program crashed (or was forced to close). This operation will restore previously created backup files.

Tutorial and showcase video of the program: