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Human-like textures for hollow state of character including human eyes and absense of non-texture based wrinkles on face.

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Character looks like human when hollow. Face and skin is the same as in normal human state, but model is not affected - character is still more slim than in normal state. Works for both male and female, but for male can look weird.

This mod is inspired by this mod.
  • human eyes added. 
  • non-hollow normal mappings (original DS) used for face and skin
  • fixed issue with wrinkles on face (which cannot be overridden by texture directly, because implemented in DS1 via shader). Here it is compensated using anti-hollow texture generated by substraction of hollow template from desired human face skin.
  • original DS face texture used
  • custom body texture to skip permission request from author. it is simple, but good looking (see screenshots) and has belly button.

Eye texture created using this mod as example.

v2 changes:
  • Eye texture replaced with my own, because I can't contact author of eye texture used in initial version.
  • Skin texture colors made more warm to look more natural.

  • install DSFix mod. It is required for all texture mods, but actually DSFix is "MUST HAVE" mod for all PC Dark Souls players, because it at least makes game run smooth on PC - if you still don't use it, rather install it and check out its features!
  • Unpack Human_looking_hollow_v2 to the "DATA\dsfix\tex_override" folder of your Dark Souls directory (you should know where it is after DSFix installation)
  • Open "DATA\DSfix.ini" file in your Dark Souls directory using any text editor, find line with "enableTextureOverride 0" and replace it with "enableTextureOverride 1".
  • Enjoy :)