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Adds/replaces/moves enemies (including adding mobs to boss fights) to give enemy placement some fun variety and a new challenge. Asylum, Firelink, Burg/Parish, Depths, NLR/VoD, Blighttown, Catacombs, Darkroot maps included in this release.

Permissions and credits
Dark Souls: Enemy Placement Changes MOD, EPiC: Alpha stage release v2

EPiC mod, AKA Enemy Placement infernal Changes!

Areas (maps) updated in this release (with enemy changes):

-Asylum  [m18_01_00_00.msb]
-Firelink (including skeleton graveyard)  [m10_02_00_00.msb]
-Undead Burg, WatchTower (Havel's area),
  Parish, Lower Undead Burg  [m10_01_00_00.msb]
-Depths [m10_00_00_00.msb]
-New Londo Ruins/Valley of Drakes (updates in NLR just in the front area) [m16_00_00_00.msb]
-Catacombs (just Pinwheel boss fight update)  [m13_00_00_00.msb]
-Blighttown (just Quelaag boss fight update) [m14_00_00_00.msb]
-CAUTION*: Darkroot Forest/Basin [m12_00_00_00.msb] and [m12_00_00_01.msb]

*Extra regular enemies and extra (duplicate) NPC Forest Hunter enemies added to Darkroot map. CAUTION: The extra NPC enemies cause all NPCs in Firelink to die, expect for Griggs, Frampt, and (possibly) Logan. Loot of these dead NPCs will be where they would spawn.

I'm releasing what I have done with Catacombs map, which is only updated in Pinwheel boss fight. Extra enemies in Pinwheel's fight are various skeletons, including skeletons that reanimate (and they are not tied to Pinwheel or any Necromancer). So you can have fun and experience a new level of challenge with Pinwheel's fight, and also see how you like it, lol.

Item (loot pick-up) Changes (optional files):
Changes to just a few Item (loot pick-up) locations (between 10 and 20 places) in the maps in Version 2. A few upgraded weapons, rare weapons, and spells are notable loot changes.

Purpose of this mod:

Add some new variety to enemy placement in Dark Souls, to give you a new, challenging, and fun experience with this awesome game.
What this mod DOES:

Adds, moves, and/or replaces some enemies in Dark Souls. There are about twice as many enemies now in these maps.
There is a nice variety of enemies in the maps now (I think).

Often, the enemies added are from later parts of the game, so thus, they are harder than the native enemies.
However, many enemies which were added are just for some fun variety.

Note that this mod also adds a few regular mob enemies to every boss fight,
and note that bosses damage regular enemies (unintentionally), in some cases.

I did not add any gravelord enemies (you could enable gravelord enemies with another mod, if you desire).

I did add just a few black and silver knights. However, they are usually in an out-of-the-way location
(they won't be right in your way of progress), and there are none in boss fights.
Intended players of this mod:

It is recommended that only veterans of Dark Souls (players who have beat the game at least a few times) try this mod.

Not recommended for first-time players of Dark Souls.

The reason for this is twofold:

Firstly, the first time you play Dark Souls should be done un-modded so you can experience this awesome game the way the developers (FromSoft) intended for you to play.

Secondly, this mod will make Dark Souls even harder (it's already one of the hardest games, ever).

Suggested route:

I suggest players try the Firelink graveyard run, and then progress "normally" through Firelink, Burg, front path to Parish, and
use the door to get to Lower Burg, so you can experience all the changes I've made.

Particularly, try the front section of Parish (running from Sunlight bonfire), don't just come from Darkroot, only.

If you want, go the "Valley of Drakes to Darkroot to Parish to Parish elevator" run, so you can get the gear
through there and see Andre, and then do the aforementioned "normal" route.

Also, I mean, for god's sake, choose the Master Key starting gift!

What this mod DOES NOT do:

-The geography (lay-out), of Dark Souls is unchanged.
-Enemies are not tougher than they normally would be (usually); there are other mods for this if you desire.
-Specific to the previous point, bosses are all the same (model, AR, HP), but all boss arenas now have some mob enemies from the respective area in there.
-No gravelord enemies were added (mods are available to turn on gravelords, if you want this added challenge).
-Enemies are not any faster (again, mods exist that do this).
-Items are MOSTLY where they would be (use Randomizer mod if you want this change in your game). However, some of the added enemies drop items you would not normally get until later in the game.
-I did not just add Black and Silver Knights everywhere. However, there are just a few extra said enemies added.
-Don't worry, Havel is still where he was, but there is additional fun to be had in the Tower!
-All friendly NPCs are still where they were. HOWEVER, using v2's Darkroot map will kill most NPCs in Firelink, as mentioned earlier.

Jolly consequences of this mod:

-More enemies, especially the harder enemies, means more souls (assuming you kill everything).
-More enemies also means, as I previously stated, you can farm for items earlier than normal, in some cases.

Why did you add mob enemies to the boss fights?:

First, let me state again, I added a lot of variety to the maps in general.

Second, let me reiterate: If you kill most enemies, you will now get many more souls, and be able to level up faster.
These changes also allow you to farm for some later-game weapons.

Therefore, you should be more powerful than normal when facing a boss.

When I was testing, before I decided to add mob enemies to boss fights, I found that the boss fights were just too easy now
(since, I was more powerful). I also feel that it's a nice balance to add enemies to the boss fights, with all the other enemies
I've added to the maps.

I did not change the health or attack damage of the actual bosses, so adding enemies is the only other way I could make them harder.

I feel it gives a new thrill to the boss fights! In particular, those of you that can speedrun this game will find a new level of
challenge with the boss fights, which I would think would be welcome, since you run past most enemies to get to the boss fog-gate.
You can still do this (run past most enemies), for the most part, in my maps.

Also, I have to say that it makes Boss Rush (the mod by Wulf2k9) more fun in these early boss fights! I've tested with Boss Rush,
and my new enemies do indeed load for the boss fights in the maps I've already changed. 

How was this mod achieved?:

I used Wulf2k9's MSB Editor to effect the changes; also utilized the "Mod Debug DarkSouls" during the process.
Special THANK YOU to Wulf2k9, and whoever made the later stated mod (sorry, I don't know who made it).
This mod changes the Maps (for the areas stated that are affected so far) in DATA/Maps/MapStudio. Specifically, I affected the Creatures tab, and added to the Models tab as necessary, to add creatures' models not originally part of the current map.
Please, BACKUP your original files in Data/MapStudio before installing my modded maps.
MSB Editor let me add models to a map, add creatures, change what an existing creature is, and move around (coordinates of) existing and new
With "Mod Debug", I could actually see my changes, and see them immediately upon quit/reload (without exiting Dark Souls), make my player "invisible" to enemies so I could go look at their spawn positions, get the coordinates of my player or of an enemy, etc.
Note that the regular version of "Debug" plays the vanilla enemy placement.


I am providing, for download, the raw data files of the maps I've affected. These map files will go in:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA\map\MapStudio

The optional Item Changes will go in:

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA\param

Rebuild the Itemlotparam with your Gameparam (if you have other changes you want to keep), or just use the provided Gameparam file.

You will need to have your Dark Souls data files unpacked to see thes folders, and your DarkSouls.exe pointed to these unpacked folders, for my maps to work. Wulf2k9 made the tools to do this, and has a video tutorial on his channel on YouTube.

Wulf2k9's tutorial is at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaPKqLcqGmY&t=259s    His website with his tools is:  http://wulf2k.ca

Alternatively, you can unpack your data files with HotPocketRemix's tool (he told me about this, so thank you),
here on Nexus:  http://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls/mods/1304/?
Please, BACKUP your original files in Data/MapStudio before installing my modded maps, and in Data/param before installing the optional Items.

Note that, extracting your data files and re-pointing your DarkSouls.exe is also necessary for some other recent mods, such as Item Randomizer mod and Gameplay Rebalance mod. So it's worthwhile to do this setup if you want to use my mod, or any of these other non-CE mods.

WARNING: SPOILERS: Known issues, quirks, and other things to note about this mod in it's current state:

YouTube video I made of a spoiler longplay showcase of enemy edits in Asylum available here (I am Sims Dreamer on Youtube):

YouTube video I made of a spoiler showcase of this mod during Boss Rush! Includes the Gaping Dragon boss fight, part of my
yet unreleased Depths map, so this is a preview of that upcoming map:

-Verion 1's extra Black Knight in Asylum (who could not be riposted, for some unknown reason) is now a Man-serpent in Version 2 (and you can farm him).

-Asylum Demon and Taurus Demon bosses will damage their mobs, Capra Demon and Gargoyles bosses do not (I don't think, at least).
-When you run by Asylum Demon the first time (you know), he may kill some of his mob hollows. I suggest you use a bonfire before fighting Asylum Demon, so you can experience the full, um, experience of added enemies to this boss fight.
-All added enemies should drop their associated loot at their normal drop rate.
-Specifically, I've tested the added Black and Silver Knights, a Prowling Demon, and a Batwing Demon, and they (eventually) drop loot.
-Enemies I've added that normally do not respawn (BK, SK, Prowling Demon, Channeler) will respawn (again, note, I left the original
versions of these enemies, too, and they permanently die still, per usual). For these specific enemies to respawn, your character will need to die (sometimes). This is just a fluke of adding non-respawning enemies to a map; if I learn how to stop this, I may implement it in an update.
-When you're approaching Undead Burg from Firelink, the Batwing Demon and 2nd Channeler will die off-screen. The Batwing Demon will spawn (out of thin air) as you approach its location, as will that Channeler (if you have died), if you use Burg's bonfire.
If I learn how, in an update I may fix the Channeler, though I think the Batwing Demon appearing is funny.
-A torch hollow near the entrance to Lower Undead Burg will appear out of nowhere (this is pretty funny, too).
-I've added a Mimic to Lower Undead Burg. It has a desireable drop (it is a weapon, not a carving from the DLC, nor a coin, okay, that would just be mean).
-The Berenike (or Heavy) Knight I have guarding the entrance of Parish from Hellkite bridge does respawn and is very tough, because I used the NPCparameters of the one in Sen's Fortress, i.e. he is as tough as the one on Sen's Fortress roof.
-The skeleton archer outside Parish will reanimate (it also has no associated Necromancer), because the only such enemy I could copy is in the Catacombs. The other skeletons I've added have NPCparameters of skeletons in Firelink's graveyard, i.e. they have the same toughness
as the graveyard skeletons, and do not reanimate.
-The Black Knight I've added to the second floor of Parish may spawn clipping half-way into the floor, and may "fall through" and be on the ground floor, lol. I'll try to fix this in an update.
-Once you're at the fog-gate of the Gargoyle boss fight, the copy I made of the lesser gargoyle will attack you through the wall (oh yeah, there is a mob enemy version of the lesser gargoyle, additionally, in the boss fight). I tried to prevent this, I spawned him at the opposite end of the roof, facing away; but he hears you, I guess, and traverses the entire roof before you can get through the fog-gate.
- I've added a few enemies with the model of the Crag Hollow, which was unused/cut content. I gave these enemies either the NPCparmeters of a Hollow in Painted World, or of a skeleton, so they are tougher than a hollow in Parish or earlier.
-Currently, the hollows I've added to Asylum will appear there upon the Asylum return visit, and will still be the same weak enemies. In later patches, I may make their "Asylum return" spawns tougher, like the other hollows who are originally there.
Also, the hollows from the mob boss fight will appear out of nowhere when you approach the big door.
-Just a few of the enemies models, which I've added to maps they originally were not in, will behave funny sometimes (by going into the "T" pose).
In most cases, I don't think I can patch this, but I really want those enemies where I put them, so, yeah, they're staying.
-One such enemy (aforementioned) are Ghosts in Firelink graveyard (yay!). Note also, these ghosts will shoot invisible lightning (consequence of their model not originally being in Firelink).
-I tried to not place any of my added enemies at the same spawn point (and "inside") gravelord spawn locations. If you find one, let me know, and I will patch it.

Green skeletons, whaaa?:

Just clearing up confusion about the picture I have up there of the skeletons. I made a texture mod in my game to make skeletons green
(I also have one to make them white). I may release this texture mod, too, eventually.

In closing:

I hope you have fun with this mod! I will continue to add enemies to other maps (going in normal play-through order), and upload them as I can. I will also patch this and subsequent map uploads, as I become aware of issues and suggestions.

Let me elaborate on a very important point: This mod is what I want to see added to this game. Ultimately, the decisions as to where, and what enemies to place is my own. I am open to suggestions, but keep in mind, I am free to make this mod the way I see fit.

I feel that the enemies I've added are still fair, and, I would think, is a welcome change to this game for players that have beat this game multiple times. 

Now, a word about skeletons: I love skeletons! I also love Halloween-themed or reminiscent stuff (which is part of why I love Dark Souls).
The skeletons in DS1 remind me of Jason and the Argonauts, and Evil Dead 3 Army of Darkness, and all the other times skeletons have been
in media (which I imagine was FromSoft's inspiration for them in DS1).
I always felt the skeletons in DS1 were an under-used enemy, so I want them to exist in more places than just FL graveyard, Catacombs, and ToG!

Lastly, remember to Praise the Sun, and Git Gud!