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Since DSSI was made, I started replacing boss music with other stuff. Here is the result.

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Have you ever felt like Dark Souls could use more metal? Wanted to laugh at easy bosses, or even some lord soul bosses? Have you ever felt that Kalameet's theme just isn't epic enough? This mod replaces the Asylum Demon's theme with Asylum by Disturbed, Taurus Demon's theme with the Benny Hill theme, Kalameet's theme with Through the Fire and Flames, and much more!

First off, if you haven't downloaded any sound mods for Dark Souls before, don't be stupid. You will need HxD and Aezay's FSB extractor in order to create the sound folder, and DSSI to make the mod work. Download my mod last, after doing everything else. DSSI should have instructions on installation in the readme or something, but I'm giving you nerds my whole sound folder. My suggestion is to play it safe and do one file at a time.

And remember: Back up everything you need to edit before editing it. In fact, once you make your sound folder, move it to a safe spot before downloading my mod. You might be able to just extract this into your DATA folder, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

To create the folders you need, make a backup copy of Dark Souls, drag Dark Souls into HxD to open it with Dark Souls, hit Ctrl+R and replace dvdbnd1 with dvdroot. Make sure to hit "Replace all". Then drag dvdbnd1.bhd5 into Wulf's BND rebuilder one by one to extract them. Then move your new sound folder into DATA. Or, in this case, you can move it somewhere else, and then extract my file into DATA.

Oh yeah, this contains RavagerChris37's Dunkstein and Slamough theme swap in it as well.

OR you can just download Drag and Drop Mod Manager and  use this, as well as many other mods, that way.

Full list of replaced songs
Asylum Demon: Asylum by Disturbed
Taurus Demon: Benny Hill theme
Pinwheel: ABC-123 by the Jackson 5
Nito: Spooky Scary Skeletons by Andrew Gold
Ceaseless: Green Hill Zone OST
Iron Golem: Iron Golem metal theme by Andrew Malefice
Gwyndolin: Dude (Looks Like a Lady) by Aerosmith
Seath: White and Nerdy by Weird Al
Gwyn: Epic Metal cover by LittleVMills
Kalameet: Through the Fire and Flames