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A CE table with various mods for changing elements of gameplay.

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This is a collection of Cheat Engine scripts I made for Dark Souls, with the exception of the "Enable additional Gravelord Phantoms" script (included to be used alongside the All Enemies are Gravelord Phantoms script).

Included in this table:
First Person Cam
Fundamentally similar to my Dark Souls 3 First Person Cam, though slightly clunkier to use.

Topdown Cam

An arcade style camera situated high above the player looking down.

Barrel Souls
Every non-player enemy is given the effects of Chameleon.

PvP Simulator Forest
Changes the NPCs in Darkroot Garden into stereotypical PvP builds.

All Enemies are Gravelord Phantoms
Every non-player enemy is turned into a Gravelord Phantom, giving them a red aura, 2x HP, 1.8x Damage and 1.2x Defense. Yes, including bosses.

Causes the player to slide along the ground instead of walking.

Chibi Souls
Allows you to alter the scale of character models for very strange results.

And various minor scripts like:
Reduced brightness of the lava in Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith
Remove the green aura from the Grass Crest Shield
Change the visual effect of weapon buffs
100% droprate for the BKGS and BKH
No chest armor sounds

To use this table, make sure Dark Souls is on the most up to date patch and you've opted out of the beta.