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NineNineNineFour stealing from Plague of Gripes

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Replaces the intro cinematic with the video "Dark Souls: in Summary" by Plague of Gripes.

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"Dark Souls: in Summary" Intro Replacer
By NineNineNineFour


This mod replaces the intro cinematic with (a trimmed portion of) the video "Dark Souls: in Summary" by Plague of Gripes. Unfortionately, the default subtitles are still there, and probably can't be removed without lots of editing of the game's files. Thanks to McJ0hns0n, there is now a fix for this. Amaaaaaaazing!

I do not own "Dark Souls: in Summary"! It was made by Plague of Gripes. If you are Plague, you can send me a message or an email to tell me to take this file down if you so desire (also, on an unrelated note, HOLY SHIT IT'S PLAGUE I'M A HUGE FAN HAVE MY CHILDREN AAAAAAAAAA).


Move "frpg_opening.wmv" to the "Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition\DATA\movWW" folder. Note that this will overwrite the default intro, so I HIGHLY recommend renaming the default file to something like "frpg_opening_default.wmv", just in case you ever want to revert to vanilla.

Probably doesn't require DSfix to work, but frankly, if you're playing Dark Souls on PC, you should be using DSfix anyways. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)