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  1. pivotrv8
    • member
    • 25 posts
    • 3 kudos
    I know i'm really late to the party, but can there be a version with the vanilla health and stamina bars? I find them less distracting and miss the small notches. I attempted this myself but utterly failed.
  2. Genaeldelse
    • member
    • 2 posts
    • 0 kudos
    I love the way this mod looks! However, am I the only one that is having frame rate stuttering do to DSFix and enableTextureOverride? I'm going to have to disable the mod because of this.
  3. PurrphectArtworK
    • member
    • 2 posts
    • 0 kudos
    Hi, i really really love this UI i love minimalism, and you totally nailed it!

    however, when i fight bosses the bosses HP bar is kinda messed up, it got this yellow line which is the HP, and then a spance, then a short red bar, and then another red bar under the Yellow one..

    what is that? is it a bug? or is it just me beeing stupid ?
    anyway, i looooove everything else! thanks a lot!
  4. LycosaGaming
    • supporter
    • 24 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Just trying to make time for it, I've been busy with work. I've also got an interview soon as a Graphic Artist for a printing company.

    I'll see if I can get this out in a few hours.
    1. PurrphectArtworK
      • member
      • 2 posts
      • 0 kudos
      ohhh good luck with that!
  5. Smiley1313
    • member
    • 107 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Hey! When I first saw the screenshots here I though hey I’ll give it a shot cuz it looks kinda fresh and that was what I was looking for after all - to kinda change my experience with DS. Anyway after playing with this HUD for couple of hours I must say I adore it. Its so simplistic and it ruins much less the experience I have from playing. This HUD makes it easier for me to enter the game’s lore and atmosphere because there is no huge hot bar on the left side, just one which is very subtle. I love it and great job man!
  6. Kiggles
    • member
    • 189 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Nice minimalist UI. I feel it looks a little TOO clean for the game's style, but that's preference. Keep the idea of minimalism, with just a little bit of rough edges (as in literally, rough of the straight lines just a tad, give the main menu window a very slight bit of texture, and you'll have a winner. Still, maybe just preference. Just a bit of critique. Keep up the work, it is good.
  7. freek11
    • member
    • 1 posts
    • 0 kudos
    hey man ... i just downloaded your mod ... its really nice and clean ...

    i was wondering when will u b releasing your to-do list ? ... that would make this mod even more awesome ..

  8. DarkHermes
    • member
    • 298 posts
    • 9 kudos
    i like the version 5 weapon wheel but i'd love to have that without the rest of the modifications.i have 0 knowledge in modding so i'm simply asking if there is any way to do that. thanks!
  9. WabbitTwaks
    • premium
    • 72 posts
    • 5 kudos
    This is a wonderfully clean UI. Nice work, and thank you! However, I also find the humanity count a bit small, but I have worked around it.

  10. dpcollier128
    • supporter
    • 296 posts
    • 15 kudos
    Cool mod, but when I have it installed the humanity count text seems too small for my failing eyes to read. Is there a way I can have larger humanity text in the upper left?

    EDIT: Never mind, I was able to find and modify the text without issue. Thanks for the cool mod.