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hideous cape

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i want to get rid off this thing so bad.... this was taken with transparent textures... as you can see the 3d mesh or model it self has this cape.


  1. shout4silence
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    for me its like night and day... the two armors are very different in-terms of minor design details as well as stats... i have a few mods to rectify the silver knight cape problem for myself as well, uploaded the feather one awhile back!

  2. Kaffeebohnson
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    I had the same problem. You can't get rid of the white rectangle for now. I drew a better cape and shortened it as much as possible instead.

    Other than that, I'll try the Black Knight Armor like MorgulCaptain suggested. You get it at the very end of the game though, so that has to wait a bit still. (Also I'll have to see if the "collar" thingie of the black knight armor fits with the gold hemmed hood)
  3. MorgulCaptain
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    Black Knight Armor looks almost the same and has no cape. You can try that...