Darksiders Warmastered Edition
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The ultimate darksiders warmastered NG+ save (see updated screenshots)

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As we all know, darksiders 1 has no real NG+ and after collecting all the enhancements, upgrades, souls and gear, you start over with nothing (only the armor carries over) so I thought, I just create my own NG+ save with all my perks from the first run. 

Save game info:
- At the start of the game.
- All upgrades.
- All the enhancements.
- Abyssal Armour.
- All combat weapons.

Added screenshots that my save is WORKING (at least for me)

⚠ NOTE (both editions): Darksiders will refuse to load a save if the SaveGameInfo's UserId does not match the logged-in Steam user's ID. If you want to use a save on a different account than created it, the UserId property must be changed to match.

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