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Just a little channel update to let you know what I'm working on for a series of upcoming updates for the Twilight Knight mod for Darkest Dungeon. First off Leap of Faith will be getting a beautiful new animation as seen in the video. Full credit goes to Red Dye No.5 for the new art and Von Krolock for the animation (and for the new sound effect which will accompany the skill). I'll also be making lots of balance tweaks to her skills. Her stress skills are outdated which makes them far too powerful. I'll need to reduce their effectiveness for balance purposes. I'm planning on changing Glimmer of Hope to remove stealth from the Twilight Knight in case she's managed to gain it from somewhere. She's holding up a lantern illuminating herself. It doesn't make sense for her to remain hidden. I've re-written her self marking system so that it's unique and shouldn't be overwritten to changes to the normal marking system in game. Fingers crossed.Changes are likely to roll out over the course of a series of mini updates.


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    It's so pretty! Thank you for continuing to update her.