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A simple skin for Crusader that adds a bigger pair of pauldrons based on "Zealous Conviction," a more detailed helm and a new sword based on "The Long Crusade"~

Permissions and credits
---- Update ---------------------------------------------------

Fixed the outlines and the shading a bit~~ Also now come with a custom anim version made by Koala with added Defender Seals~~~

---- Descriptions ---------------------------------------------------

An upgrade skin tailored to Resolve Level 6 Crusaders, based on the final upgrades of Crusader's equiments, "The Blessed Bulwalk" and "The Long Crusade." Because I'm not an artist, everything is just me editing the hell of in-game Crusader sprites until all everything looks satisfying~ Beside Virtue and Affliction art, which are totally beyond my editing skills, everything is raring to go!

Initially, this is a part of my on-going modded class project, but I thought it would be cool for Reynauld to have this as well, thus ka-boom! Now the skin is also exists as a separated mod as well as the main skin of my class! So have fun everyone, and look forward to my upcoming modded hero too~~~ 

Noted: The modded hero will not have "The Long Crusade"~~~ That's Reynauld only, but I'll try to make another sword for him >w<

---- Installation -------------------------------------------------------

Just extract the file into the mod folder, then open the game, open the mod list and activate "Legendary Crusader" =v=

---- Known Issue ----------------------------------------------------

No custom Virtue/Affliction arts. Sorry, but I just can't. I'm sucks at drawing and I dont have money for commission :( If there's anyone like this skin, just these arts and more palette is enough for me :<

No compatible with other Crusader skins beside vanilla palette for the custom anim version :(

---- Extra Notes -----------------------------------------------------

You should only use this skin on Resolve Level 6 Crusaders, especially Reynauld if you managed to keep him alive for maximum immersion~~~ 

---- Special thanks --------------------------------------------------

🌈Clair de Lune🌈 for creating and maintaining Moonlit Dungeon, a discord server for everything in Darkest Dungeon -- and also doubled as a modding hub for modders~ Without MLD Discord, I could never finish this skin at all, and would still puzzling myself at how should I edit the helm =v= You should join us as well, beside access to lastest infomations related to modding we could chat too, I'm SkyfallTerminus#7932!
Sketch for your valuable camping sprite, which is a great example for someone decided to edit arts for the first time of my life~~ That and your advices are a great guidelines, and I won't be hesitated to claim that without them this project could never get out of development limbo at all~~~
Shay, Anti, Koala. MafePendragon, Elserin, Zap, Adon, Mr.Pepper, Rhanar, Goblinman, and other MLD folks for kindheartly advices, encouragements and friendships that greatly motivated me along the road! You guys are the best <3
Especially Adon, I would ashamed of myself if your generousity has not been mentioned here. Your helping hands is a shining example of how supportive the Moonlit Dungeon Discord is, without any exaggeration!
Once more to Koala for making this version of Legendary Crusader possible! Reynauld looks super badass now~~~
Finally, Red Hook for creating this awesome game, and especially Bourassa for your superb arts!

---- Credits and Permissions ---------------------------------------------------------

  • Ask me before you want to use the content of this mod for yours, and remember to credit my profile! 
  • If you want to use the custom animations, then credit Koala instead a ha ha ha ha~~~
  • For custom virtue/affliction arts and extra palette, I consider them donations so you don't need my permission to make them, and will credit the authors accordingly!

---- Legal ------------------------------------------------------------------
This item and its contents may not be uploaded on any website, except on Steam under the profile SkyfallTerminus, on Nexusmods via the account named Centralfiction or with my direct permission (Ask me first~).
This mod is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, “Darkest Dungeon” and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in the game is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.