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This mod balances out the stacking of items in your inventory.

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the inventory file that affects the stacking of items that you get from the dungeons that you adventure too. This mod will overwrite any 
other mod that affects the inventory file. If you have the 3 trinket mod installed, I have included the inventory file that will make that mod work, that file
is located in the file folder that says 3 trinket compantability. If you can not see it than redownload the mod as something might be missing, other wise follow the alternate instructions. If you have one of these mods other than the 3 trinket mod, please follow the alternate instructions for installing this mod. This mod was made because in the longer missions, you would have to make the choice to continue with the loot but less items to help later, or you would have to leave the loot. And ultimately, with the way the game was set up initially make you either almost party whipping or leaving early (if you have the rebalance mod, this penalty is much worse). The stacks are balanced so that gaining a full stack of any sellable item is worth more than a full stack of gold. I can not  take full credit for this mod, inspiration and original idea for this mod is credited to yoh.lazy. 

Potential Changes to mod
  • Make this mod an upgrade-able stat

How to Install

Main install:
1. Extract and place the backup file in a safe place that will not be affected by the game or changed
2. Copy and replace the inventory folder and copy it to the main game folder (...Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon)

Alternate install:
1. Open the inventory file; inventory.darkest located in ....Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\inventory using a text editor
2. Change the following stack to the following numbers:
**ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE 3 TRINKET MOD INSTALLED - hero_equipped_trinkets - 3**
provision - 16
gold - 4000
portrait - 6
bust - 12
crest - 24
deed - 12
ancient_idol - 3
ruby - 8
sapphire - 8
emerald - 10
onyx - 12
jade - 14
citrine - 16
trapezohedron - 5
antiqrelicsmall - 40
antiqrelic - 10
pewrelic - 3
shovel - 4 
firewood - 4  (no reason why this should not stack) 
bandage - 8 
antivenom - 8  
skeleton key - 8  
medicinal herbs - 8  
torch - 12  
holy water - 8
dog treats - 6