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Remove the Abomination class restriction to party members (Leper, Crusader and Vestal).

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Hey guys, I was browsing the Darkest Dungeon files, just for curiosity, and found the line of code that does not allow you to put an Abomination in the same party with a Crusader, Leper or Vestal. I removed this line, saved the file, tested it, and it worked. If you always wanted to make a party with the Abomination and the religious ones, enjoy it :)

1. Make a backup of the file "abomination.info.darkest", located at "/heroes/abomination" in your Darkest Dungeon installation folder.
2. Put the mod file in the same directory and extract it (from the .rar), replacing the original one.
You can just open the original file and remove the line that adds the restriction (explained below). No mod needed in this case.

The file that was changed is "abomination.info.darkest", found in "/heroes/abomination" in your Darkest Dungeon installation folder.
The line removed is the last one: "incompatible_party_member: .id abomination_religion .hero_tag religious" 

This mod should not conflict with any file that DOES NOT alter the "abomination.info.darkest" file. If you want to use another mod that alter this class (file), you can just edit the other mod, opening this file with a text editor like notepad++, and remove the restriction line (as said above).

Remove the modfied file, and put the original one back
Open the "abomination.info.darkest" and put the removed line back at the end of the file:
incompatible_party_member: .id abomination_religion .hero_tag religious

I tested it with the 13322 build.


I personally dont use this mode. I like to play the game in the way he is balanced by the devs. I uploaded this because i have seen some people complaining about this restriction, and decided to share a way to bypass this. I played a couple dungeons and seens that it work with no problems. I doubt that this change can cause any trouble in your game, since the removed line was quite obvious and make reference only to that restriction. However, as I said, I only tested it in a couple dungeons. If something weird happens in your game, please let me know.