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Additional skin for Occultist.

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- Nilfgaardian mages do have a choice: servile submission, or the gallows.

Additional Occultist skin.

(Picture from CDPR's Gwent card game, yes, the art really is that freaking good in that game)

Nilfgaardian Sorceress Assire Var Anahid and her cat Merlin (CDPR) inspired skin (Witcher 2) for Occultist, trying to keep the look and feel of DD.

Currently uses spot Occultist_R and Occultist_W, if you have something else using that, rename.

Based on base-game art.

Disclaimer: Purely a fan product.


Includes a skin without Merlin, with vanilla Occlutist skull and candle instead.



Some skill effects don't quite fit with Merlin, better with the skull, can't really do anything about it without changing vanilla effects, that would affect all Occultist skins. Anims (combat) will get a bit of an overhaul at some point.



Possible improvements to the combat animations, grotch area. Vanila skins are kinda tricky to work with at times, I'm surprised I got the animations to work as well as they do now.


Check out CDPRs latest Witcher game, it is free to play, and awesome: