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  1. GuardianofLight137
    • member
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    I already knew about this when I got the game. And now i'm debating on if I should get it or not. On one hand it's part of the experience to have to face the final boss with 2 guys. AND if you're good enough you can kill him before that. On the other hand. I will have worked my way all the way to the end with these guys i've formed somewhat of a bond with (Hopefully) and now I gotta choose 2 of em to die? ........ Lil bit bullshit. So I can't decide if I want the mod or not.
  2. CRea87
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    Umm.. Spoilers? Just got the game and have not beaten it yet.
    1. Jarzor
      • member
      • 4 posts
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      The title of the mod has been updated.