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This mod adds a class based on Artorias, the Abysswalker to Darkest Dungeon.

Permissions and credits
Abysswalker 3.0 Brings: New animations, new stance, new buffs in the darkness, new trinkets, and a new consumable item to help manage the transformation.

Abysswalkers are knights who follow the precedent set by Wolf Knight Artorias: halt the spread of evil through any sacrifice. Unmatched with greatswords, these legendary knights confront monsters and provinces reminiscent of the Abyss. Their exposure to the Abyss corrupts their souls, affecting their demeanor and fighting style. Elegant swordsmen? Raging berserkers? The line blurs depending on the severity of their corruption...

You are highly encouraged to play inside the affliction, and dance between 100 and 200 stress with this character. He gains damage every +25 stress above 100, and gains good bonuses in total darkness.


This mod gives the option of stance-swapping between two ideals: a defender of the realm, and a berserker bolstered by the Abyss. Stress represents the Abyssal corruption, and the more you have, the more damage you do. The character's corrupted stance gets benefits when under his special affliction, Heroic Struggle. 


Abilities are inspired by Abysswalker Artorias' lore and boss fight in Dark Souls. They change a bit depending on whether you're afflicted.

Pure Form

1) Darkwraith's Bane: The Abysswalker strikes with his enchanted sword, doing extra damage to Eldritch monsters. Minor stress heal. Accuracy when afflicted.

2) Swordsman's Gambit: The Abysswalker sacrifices his form and stance to bash an enemy with his pauldron, stunning them. Moves the Abysswalker back and pushes the enemy.

3) Gliding Thrust: The Abysswalker glides towards his enemy, thrusting with his enchanted sword. Used from back ranks. Minor stress heal.

4) Loyalty: The Abysswalker, true to his knighthood, defends the Realm of Light. He guards an ally, brandishing himself for enemies' attacks. This act of intense loyalty inspires the chosen comrade. If the Abysswalker has high stress, he benefits from inspiration as well. 

Corrupted Form

5) Savage Strike: The Abysswalker dashes towards his enemy, striking it. Armor pen when afflicted. Used from 23. 

6) Savage Leap: The Abysswalker leaps at his enemy from the back, landing atop it with a forceful blow. Gains extra damage when afflicted. 

7) Counterattack: The Abysswalker feints, barely harming the enemy, but entering a parry stance and retreating backward. Gains dodge. Gains more dodge when afflicted.

8) Hurricane Swing: The Abysswalker swings at the middle enemy ranks, shuffling them. When afflicted, gain a chance to stun them. Moves back 1. Used from 12.


1) Wolf Ring: Gain move resist, stun resist, and minor prot.
2) Covenant of Artorias: Gain crit & stress resist in the dark.
3) Silver Pendant: Gain minor stress resist, good stress healing bonus, and debuff resistance.
4) Cleansing Greatshield: Gain large prot, but -4 speed when afflicted.
5) Red Abyssal Tear: Boosts damage and accuracy when afflicted. Shares a set bonus with Blue Abyssal Tear.
6) Blue Abyssal Tear: Boosts prot by 15% and dodge by 15% when afflicted.

Abyssal Set Bonus Reduction to virtue chance.

Future Plans

Sir Alonne will come afterward.
I have an early draft of Great Wolf class (Sif).

Known Issues

Sound doesn't work for the stance change.

Huge Thanks

Big, big thank you to SkeleDragon for recoloring the new animations for us!

And of course, AceroSteel did a fantastic job making the original animations. Praise the Artists!