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Darkwraith Class mod.

This mod ads the most cruel dungeon invader based on the dark souls original.
Unique trinkets skills and animations await you.
Colelct new consumables and a new set of Abyssal Relic trinkets by invading the dungeon with darkwraith.

Permissions and credits
Updated: 20th April 2018
Transaltions: English, Russian, Chinese

Recently added a new trinket set, revolving around the invasion of the dungeon.

  • Features
  • Character
  • Skills
  • Camping Skills
  • Credits
  • Contribution & Support

    [h1]1. FEATURES [/h1]
    • Dance around Death Door to unleash your full potential
    • Invade the Dungeon for unique consumables
    • Go on the Quest for The "Abyssal Relics" & combine them with 2 new Diseases
    • 11  Trinkets + 6 Abyssal Relic Trinkets
    • 2 Crimson Court Trinkets

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    Damage Dealer,  Scout,  Debuffer

    [h1]2. CHARACTER [/h1]

    The Darkwraith are relentless harvesters. These harbingers of death and dispair came to the hamlet to seek for the Abyssal Relics, powerful artifacts used by heretical cults to gain insight about the Eldritch Truth.
    Darkwraiths once led by a primordial diety they call "the Serpent" they masterd the Art of Lifedrain. They catalyze fading lifeforce  into an ethereal weapon, the Darkhand .
    The closer they get to the brink of death, the more energy they could channel fom the realm of dark and dispair.

    Darkwraiths are Reapers, Hunters of man and souls. They will hunt along your side to unravel the eldritch prophecy.


    This class lives from the principle to trade risks for reward.
    Dancing at Death Door the Darkwraith can aquire unique Death Door and recovery buffs.
    As an oppotunistic Damage Dealer and Debuffer Darkwraith has many tools to adapt to the right situation.
    Each of his abilities has its situation, but be careful to waste a chance. Since the Darkwraiths armor is more a heavy conglomeration of decomposing bones and nightmare made materials he is easily brought down to death door.

    His Camping Skills and Trinkets revolve around the Invasion of the Dungeon. The Darkwraiths best hunt at darkness and are able to track surprise thheir enemys.
    Upon killing they can aquire unique cursed loot. The consumbles can not be consumed without of risk.
    The rewards are  strong combat bonuses and the chance to aquire an Abyssal disease, wich will be combinable with the Abysal relics for special Bonuses.
    If you manage to carry the items out of the dungeon a fair amont of gold will await you.

    Due to his unholy nature Darkwaith cannot travel with Religious Characters.
    He's also forbidden to visit the Brothel and the Cloister.

    Since Reapers collect alone, only one Darkwraith can be in the Party.

    Bound to the Dark, Darkwraith cannot Develop Quirks that benefit from light,
    neither can he aquire Quirks wich will make him vulnerable to darkness and unholy beings.

    [h1] 3. SKILLS: [/h1]

    Undying Rage
    xxoo  ooxx
    - Costs no combat action
    - Low DMD, low ACC, High CRT, pierces armor
    - Hurt yourself, increse DMG of Undying Rage
    - Debuff the enemys bleed resistance

    xxoo  oo0x
    - Basic attack empowered by Death & Darkness
    - Drain small amount of light
    - More DMG Below 33% Health
    - More DMG Below 50% Light

    Death's Grasp
    xoox  ooox
    - Send out the souls of the dead, to cripple your enemy
    - Ignore Guard
    - Average Bleed
    - Stun bleeding enemys
    - Debuff enemys  Dodge/ Prevent guarding

    Reaper's Talisman
    oooo oooo
    - Tag enemy
    - Ignore Stealth/Destealth
    - Deathmark: Enemys below 50% health receive increased DMG from all sources
    - Prevent healing

    Dark Firebomb
    xoox o&oxx
    - Ranged AOE that shreds armor and corpses
    - Debuffs Prot,- Increase Crits received%

    xxxo oxxx

    - Tear open wounds & absorb lifeforce
    - Low Ac, High CRT, armor piercing
    - Agressive Bleed against already bleeding targets
    - More heal against humans, less heal against unholy
    - No heal against corpses, tatchery, stonework, ironwork etc. ....

    Darkstalker's Art
    - Steal health from allies to strenghten your lifeforce
    - Deal damage to an ally, chance to bleed ally
    - receive 1 Damage Block, small REG and Cure yourself
    - Buff your Deathblow Resist

    [h1]4. CAMPING SKILLS: [/h1]

    time cost: 2

    - chance to either heal a big amount of stress or receive stress
    - Darkfaith: 10% virtue chance at 0 torch

    time cost: 2

    - Rip out a soulshard from your allly
    - buff your healing skill for th rest of the quest
    - Deal damage, and a small amount of stress to your ally

    time cost: 2

    Share eldritch the tales of the  age of Darkness
    - Stress resist against Eldritch & in Darkness
     -Darkfaith: Virtue Buff in Pitch Black

    time cost: 4

    Go on the Most gruelsome hunt
    - Speed on first round
    - ACC & CRT against marked
    - DMG Aginst Humans

    time cost: 2
    - Consume mortality buffs for several bonuses

    time cost: 4

    - Drain Torchlight
    - Buff Stats at decreasing light level

    time cost: 1
    uses: 3

    Invade the Dungeon to Pillage Loot
    - Costs light, chance to take hp or stress damage
    - Stack an enemy surprise buff for each use
    - Loot Pool: Unique Consumables, Trinkets, Madman Trinkets, Collector Heads, Abyssal Relics

    [h1]4. Credits[/h1]


    Armor Icons by
    Hooded Lay

    Artwork  by

    Testing,Barks & Guild Texts by
    Daeharde Trihardt

    Chinese Localization by

    'Darkwraith' is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, “Darkest Dungeon” and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in the game is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.

    [h1]5. Contribution & Support [/h1]

    We have an awesome Darkest Dungeon Modding Community
    if you feel like you want to take part in this project,there are a few things that you can provide.
    All Contributors wil be Mention in the Credits


    If you want to translate this mod to other languages you can open warrior_of_unlight_LANGUAGE.string_table.xml file in folder:
    You can then upload it to and provide it to me via Steam.


    If you are experienced in tweaking animations , and want to help the mod improve, contact me or leave a comment..


    If you enjoyed playing my content, and feel like you want to support me on further projects,
    you can easily do this by buying me a warm cup of coffee.
    Every second coffee will be shared with the corresponding Art Creator.

    I like my coffe as i like my dungeons