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A Shield Maiden Class mod. A frontline defensive healer/support class.

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[h1]Shield Maiden - Class Mod[/h1]
“Come, stand behind me.  I shall shield you from harm and despair.”

The Shield Maiden of No’Caliath comes from a proud and honor lineage.  In time of war, they are the unbroken shield that guarded their fellow brother and sisters.  In time of dire needs, they aid the clan through mending touches and self-sacrifice.  With the foul and menacing threat from beneath the manor, the Shield Maiden once again answers the call, joining the rank to combat this evil.  Their motto, “Long as I stand, no one should fall,” rings loud and true once more.     


Shield Maiden offers great defensive support to any party.  Even more than men-at-arm, they specialized in tanking and guarding their ally.  While at first onlook, they may appear lacking offensive prowess, but with certain build and team comp, they can still be build for damage output.  They also offer quite 

====== Skills ========

-Cross Blade: Basic attack.
-Front Guard: Guard 2 targets 
-Ram Shield: A Attack that move forward, with chance of pushing enemy back. 
-Avenger: Active a riposte that give her more attack when get hit. 
-Guardian: Guard and heal target a small amount.
-Mending Touch: Very strong heal, but with limited use and only at rank 4.
-Indomitable: Self buff and heal.

====== Notes ========
Design Note:
Finally bring back the long buried Shield Maiden into the fold.  (She was out from several several updates ago, maybe 2 or so years ago?).  Reworked not only several of her skills (since many of her skills and role got evolved into Martyr), but also her look (ditching the Holy-Sister theme and take on more of Viking feel).  However, still kept the original skin in there, for anyone whole like the the older look. 

****** HOW TO INSTALL ******
Open the zip folder, copy and paste the folders inside into the game's folder.  That should do it. (but I have not test this myself, since I am using the steam version.  Please see if that works.)  (Also I think could put it into the game's mod folder, but again, I am not sure of that too)

He should show up in the stage coach eventually, like any other heroes.