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Adds a new hero for Darkest Dungeon. The Surgeon, who specialized in healing and buffing.

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A former doctor of some renown, cast out due to some“questionable practices”, the Surgeon now continues his “treatments” on the
needy and the desperate.  And what better place than this broken town for the good doctor to apply his skills?
Instead of praying divines for healing, a Surgeon mends a broken body with knifes and saws, needles and threads.  Medical treatments, be it ethical or not,save lives.  But at what cost?
The Surgeon play the haler role, and provide the strongestsingle target healing of all heroes. But usually his healing comes with a cost.  Surgeon is also a buffer, and pack some offensive skill as well. 


Since this class has alot of high heal/cost dynamic, is it rather hard to balance.  So any balancing player feedbacks are certain welcome.   And thank you for playing.

Note: V1.3  Updated for 13488 (post release version)

See the Read me for how to install and how to update with game updates.