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Adds the Pit Fighter mod class to the Darkest Dungeon.

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Mathematic, arithmetic, literacy; those are not the usual things that one associated Pit Fighter with. No, but one thing that a Pit Fighter knows quite well, and that’s skull cracking!

If you enjoy pulverizing a helpless skeleton down to bits and pieces with your own raw hard fist, then unleash the Pit Fighter! Pit Fighters are skill in not only dishing out damages, but also grant adverse effects onto the face on the other side of their fist.  Pit Fighters are also master of taunting, able to curse an apple off the tree.

= Role =
Front Line Damage Dealer, Stunter, Debuffer, Taunter, Damage Stacker

-In the Kisser:  Kapow! Good standard attack that also daze (slow) the enemy.  Even better on stunted foe.
-“Come On”:  Pit Fighter calls out to taunt his enemy.  You mark yourself, but gain dodge and self heal.
-Headbutt:  Guess whose head is harder?  A strong stunt and good damage, but chance of stunt yourself.
-Jaw Breaker:  An uppercut of daunting force!  Chance to stunt and push back your enemy.  Even more deadly when use on stunted foe.
-Nose Bleeder:  A good hit that could cause minor bleed.  But also chance of decrease their accuracy.
-“Ya Mum”:  A taunt.  Enrage enemy to make them hit harder, but more chance to miss.
-Dash In:  Enable the Pit Fighter to quickly move back to the front line.  Also provide good dodge.  

Thank you for playing.  Feedbacks and comments welcome.  Endorsement and Donation are helpful. 

Note: V1.5  Updated for 16767