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Good Girl - Class Mod

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Bone breaking jaws lined with dagger like teeth; a good combination, as long as you are not the one hold the meat.

She is a real bitch to play with.  A fragile melee glass cannon.  Have a hurtful attacks, but some are hard to control than other (she is a wild one, afterall). Will almost always end up at the front line, she has pretty low HP, so be sure to pack a support skill or a back line support character to help her out. 

Front Line DPS

- Chomp: - Basic Attack
- Chew Toy: - Random target attack (synergy with bleed)
- Throat Bitter: - Random target bleed attack
- Bite the Hand: -Enemy and self damage debuff
- Go Fetch: -Backline pull
- Alpha Lady: -Team buff
- Bone Treat: -Self Heal


Feedbacks and comments are very welcome.  Endorsements are encouraging.  Thank you for playing.

Note: V1.1  Updated for 16767