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EXIGUOUS PERMUTATIONS features rebalanced hero skillsets, repeatable boss quests, and a revamped DD4 challenge, among many other minor improvements!

Permissions and credits
Exiguous Permutations, 
Phase 3: A Recurring Nightmare (Oct 8, 2017)

Introducing repeatable boss quests via random town events! 

(Unfortunately, DDQ's cannot be respawned like regular boss quests, so the only alternative was to make them stay on map indefinitely after being unlocked. It's not the prettiest solution, but it'll have to do till Red Hook allows greater modding flexibility. 4 more random dungeon slots will be available to compensate for the space DDQ's take.)

NOTE: almost 25 MB are town event & loading screen images, so may make it a separate download later to cut down on size.
Exiguous Permutations,
Phase 2: A Skillful Redemption

Click Here for Sexy Spreadhseet w/Skills, Stats & Changes ;)
A Skillful Redemption is the latest and final addition to my Darkest Dungeon mod project: Exiguous Permutations. This "phase" was never premeditated. Rather, it was more of a natural "consequence" to the original mod.
Exiguous Permutations, 
Phase 1: An Eponymous Necessity

This mod was exclusively created for personal use. As such, not much effort or expectation will be placed on widespread distribution or public recognition. Originally, it was developed with the sole intention of bringing about very little changes without significantly altering the original game. Subsequently, it has expanded to make Vvulf a bit more "fair" and DD4 a lot more harder/challenging. The idea was always to preserve the vanilla feel/experience intact.

NOTE: because many of the things this mod originally attempted to address (such as adding lv5 boss heirlooms, xp from Vvulf's event, increasing gem stacksizes, reviewing gem/antiques costs, loads of text corrections, etc) were recently addressed by Red Hook in the latest "Radiant" update, these changes were no longer needed and thus scraped from this mod.
Base Changes
 Reordered supply/provisions into more intuitive arrangement
⬛ Jester now brings Key instead of Herbs, Occultist brings 
Much-needed Laudanum BUFF: minor stress cure + stress resist buff
 Quest Items stack to 3
⬛ Firewood stacks to 2

⬛ Dog Treats stack to 4

⬛ Portraits stack to 6

⬛ Portraits are now found/rewarded in same quantities as Deeds & Busts
Heirloom exchange ratios rebalanced (i.e. more "fair" trading overall)
Stage Coach roster size upgrade now requires Portraits instead of Deeds
(removing so much weight from Deeds and making heirlooms more equal across the board)

⬛ Animalistic Shrine now requires new/different quest item: Consecrated Censer (instead of Pick-Axe, which didn't make any sense whatsoever)
Removed Weald-only restriction from Ancestor's Musket (no other Ancestral item is restricted to any particular dungeon; seems like dev's oversight or they forgot to dungeon-lock all other non-Shambler Ancestral items too)
District costs revised slightly in light of Busts, Deeds & Portraits requirements being more balanced now
⬛ Much-needed Flagellant NERF (percent-based heals) with buffs to Reclaim & Rain of Sorrows

Difficulty Changes

 Increased DD4's difficulty (final boss was way too easy compared to everything else that built up to this final, epic, monumental confrontation; this mod intends to do it justice by bringing it back in line with the game's original "brutal and unforgiving" difficulty). In short: initial Ancestor fight is less tedious, Ancestor's 2nd phase is more deadly, Gestating Heart is more durable, and—above all and more importantly—Heart of Darkness can now completely wipe out your entire party!)
Vvulf's HP reduced slightly and turned into a Lv5 (Champion) boss for the very simple reason it didn't feel right to be on par with DD's Lv6 (Darkest) difficulty. Also toned down enemy party composition by a notch (Madmen were specifically removed/replaced)
Tiny HP nerf to Templars from DD2 (they also replace their watered-down counterparts in DD3 now!)

Small Fanatic NERF (1 less action)

Large Carrion Eater now 2nd type Eldritch (also recolored those pale tentacles to a more orange/red palette to better fit Warrens' aesthetics!)
And a little bonus/secret "souvenir" disease exclusive to DD4 thrown in ;)