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Darkest Dungeon REIGNITED features revised hero skills and a revamped DD4 challenge, among other minor improvements!

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Darkest Dungeon
゚・:*:・。 R E I G N I T E D 。・:*:・゚
- 2.0.1 -

Overhauled and updated to the latest COM version (24839) for posterity's sake. Likely compatible with The Butcher's Circus (as that is its own separate thing). Darkest Dungeon REIGNITED 2.0 is tended as the final iteration of this mod.

Install the good ol' fashion way:
Drag n' drop mod's folders into game's directory, alloying to overwrite.
Backup files included.

Click >Here for Sexy Spreadhseet w/Skills, Stats & Changes ;)



Almost all hero skills meticulously revised (and/or reworked) with the goal of making them more viable/versatile across the board (i.e. mitigate having the same 4 skills being objectively better than the other 3 in most circumstances). The intent was always to keep the original vanilla feel/experience intact. See spreadsheet above for changes. **Trivia: many of the changes in this mod were implemented by Red Hook with the release of COM in an almost copy/paste fashion.

➤ DD4 spiffed up. The final boss was a sheer disappointment in the vanilla game. Now, the Ancestor phase moves faster (took over 80% of the fight before) and the Heart phase is harder. Not insane difficulty, but definitely more challenging (as it should've been to begin with). There's now horror to contend with, and maybe a third Come Unto Your Maker. Best to experience for yourself ;)

Heirloom rates standardized in terms of dungeon rewards, exchange rates, and building/district upgrades. Notably, Portraits are found in same quantity as Busts & Deeds and stack up to 6 like the rest, and Stage Coach roster size now requires Portraits instead of Deeds. 

➤ Provisions rearranged more intuitively on purchase screen. Jester brings Key instead of Herbs, Occultist Laudanum. Supply stacks: quest items to 3, Firewood to 2, Dog Treats to 4. Animalistic Shrine quest reworked: replaced Pickaxe with new "Consecrated Censer" to fumigate pig shrines. Just personal pet peeve (felt silly that heroes sporting massive swords, maces, and axes would need a measly pickaxe to take down stick shrines!).

➤ Tavern/Abbey: reduced stress healing by a smidgen (they scale less strongly with upgrades, so that Brothel/Flagellation recovers 90 at max instead of 100). Idle stress recovery (5) coupled with Theatre (10) turns stress into a non-issue. Where's the fun in that? ;P

➤ Sanitarium: doubled disease treatment costs (should be tripled, honestly) and reduced chance to heal additional disease so easily (so it's 67% max chance instead of 100% guaranteed). Seriously, erasing diseases like it's nothing takes all the fun away! 

Trinkets: Common and (Very) Common gold costs reduced to encourage early-game purchases. And all dungeon restrictions removed (there was no rhyme or reason to it).

COM trinkets: Shard costs standardized (most trinkets will cost 60 Shards). The grind was too great, and the costs seemed too random with no thought behind them.

The rest are minor changes: 

DD2 and DD3 also reviewed slightly. DD2: Templar duo moved to middle/center room (swapping places with the sole Hound's Templar) for... symmetric reasons. And DD2's Templar bosses used in DD3 instead of non-boss variants.

➤ Reynauld comes with Hieromania instead of Klepto (same chance to interact with curios, though "religious" instead of "treasure;" minus the shameless stealing).

➤ Large Carrion Eaters renamed and recolored (reddish tentacles instead of pale ones) for better thematic integration with Warrens and distinction from lesser "Carrion" counterparts. Also Eldritch now.

➤ Bone Militia's Stealth moved to Bone Arbilist. Thematically more appropriate to go on a backline ranged unit than a frontline in-your-face bruiser. 

➤ Geological Studyhall costs 99 Shards like the other two. Makes it slightly more accessible for what (little) it is worth.

Fixed dev oversights: Ancestor's Musket's Weald restriction (unlike all other non-Shambler Ancestral trinkets); skill icons missing or having incorrect color frames reflecting effect (move, debuff, self-buff, etc); hero exhaust debuffs not clearing after battle (except for Hellion's); and minor text errors: HWM'sTake Aim (Guild), BH's Maim (Guild), Antiq's camp skills (UPPERCASED).

Classic hero headers restored (Hellion, GR, HWM, [email protected], Leper, BH). The new ones simply... lack the original charm.

BONUS! DD4 survivors receive a very special "souvenir" in the form of a contagious (albeit curable) disease, granting some stat bonuses at the cost of sanity ;) *Do note this requires the CC DLC for contagion to work properly.


Removed the "A Recurring Nightmare" event (repeatable boss quests) in light of COM's "Endless Harvest" allowing a similar opportunity. Similarly removed other mod features that were implemented by Red Hook with the release of COM.


Future Plans? (2020)
Probably none. 2.0 is intended as the final (3 years later!) update on this mod. But some unimplemented ideas:
➤ Review Districts (Athenaeum, Puppet Theatre)
➤ Review Crystalline hero trinkets (e.g. Abom's Key)
➤ Review Death's Door Recovery penalty (Mortality Debuff is too negligible)
➤ Add Musketeer (its own custom class rather than an Arabalest reskin)
➤ Implement "Cosmic" difficulty post-DD4 dungeon (procedurally generated & repeatable)