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Assassin Class for Darkest Dungeon

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The lady in red. Soak in blood of her mark, assassin are master tradesmen of killing.  And in a town so full of death, business is good. 
A mobile front-line fighter that’s trained for critical strikes that rewards for a high-risk, high-reward play style.

New combat and camping skills.  Assassin character skin/lore.

A lightly armor front line fighter, specialized in marking target, and taking down marks (in cold blood efficiency).  Her dodge and high crits are her best asset... next to a dagger cross the fowl foe's throat, that is.

Front Line Damage Dealer, Marked/Bleed Manager, Range Damage Dealer

- Deadly Strike
- Flying Dagger
- Shadow Blade
- Throat Cutter
- Death Stroke
- Twin Death
- Night Night

Feedbacks and comments are very welcome.  Endorsement and donation are encouraging.  Thank you for playing.

Note: V1.41 Updated for 17402 (the full release version)