Darkest Dungeon
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Mod aimed at rebalancing the hero classes to make the game playable for everyone.

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After playing the original game and losing quite a few of my heroes, I decided to make a mod intended at rewarding tactics and strategy instead of pure luck. I guarantee that if you play well you will finish every quest without losing any hero.

Things changed from vanilla game :

- Increased heroes Resistances. Your heroes will now resist most negative effects including bleeding, blight, debuffs, stun, etc.
- Increased heroes HP, a little at first level and more steadily at higher levels - veterans should be considerably harder to kill than rookies
- Increased heroes Dodge bonus from armor, by around 10-15, depending on class
- Increased heroes Damage from weapons by around 50%
- Increased heroes Crit from weapons and skills, now your heroes have about 15-25% crit chance which is balanced IMO
- Increased heroes Speed from weapons by 1 for most classes and 2-3 for the slowest ones
- Added progressive Damage and crit increase between Skill levels and increased their accuracy by 5 for most, Leper got 10 acc
- Increased Healing skills by about 50%, healers are more important now
- Modified the target zones for some of the skills
- Leper now can mark self for tanking
- and maybe a few others I can't remember now


- Rebalanced heroes resists to account for level up increases, now they are like original plus an extra 10% stun and move, 20% debuff and trap, 30%-35% disease, and death blow resists range from 75%-85% depending on class; leper got an additional 10% bleed resist
- Crusader's holy lance skill now makes him advance 2 positions, instead of 1
- Antiquarian's Nervous Stab skill now gives 5% extra dmg per lvl, Fortifying Vapours now gives extra dmg for next 2 turns and Flashpowder inflicts an extra 10% acc debuff
- Leper's intimidate skill chance raised by 20% - it wasn't hitting at all

Changed inventory a bit :
- increased max stack for heirlooms by 3 (except crests which stays at 12)
- increased max stack for quest items from 1 to 3 (having 3 slots occupied meant considerably less loot)
- increased max stack for trapezohedron from 1 to 2 (as rare as this gem was, a stack of 1 was barely more valuable than a common stack of gold)
- increased value for jade from 250 to 375, emerald from 500 to 625, sapphire from 1000 to 1125 and antiquarian rare relic from 1000 to 1100, reason being i wanted different values for each type of gems
- increased value for unused supplies, after finishing the quest they are refunded for 20% of original value, instead of 10% or less (not a big deal, just seemed fair)

Upgrades - heroes                           
- increased hero resolve level req by 1 for tier 2, 3 and 4 weapons and armor - reason is my improved gear stats were making low level heroes stronger than they should be, also now resolve level colour matches gear level colour :P

Scripts - effects
- reduced abomination's transform skill stress on party from 8 to 4 (now you can use that character more freely)

I will continue releasing new versions of the mod, and I will take suggestions into consideration so don't be shy ;)

To install, simply unrar in your game folder and overwrite the files. I recommend backing up your files before doing it. Tested with game build 13870, should work with other versions as well.

Note - starting with v2.0, my mod modifies multiple files. You can choose to install only the files you want, all modified items for each file are mentioned in changelog.

Compatibility - not compatible with any mod that modifies the same files my mod does, hence what I mentioned earlier.

Have a nice day !