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This mod takes 75 backer trinkets, which are redesigned in most of the cases, and puts them into the game! They become uncommon, rare or very rare trinkets, get a brand-new picture (designed by me) and pretend to improve and expand the existing game mechanics.

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ere is a 3.6 update compatible with last game build (17314).
You have to download it if you are playing with the pre-release update.

Latest working build: 17733

Hello everyone,

First of all, English is not my native language so sorry for the bad spelling, grammar etc. When I finished the game for the first time, I wanted to replay it on GM+ mode, but at the same time I felt that some mechanics were not explored enough and the trinket variety wasn’t so great (besides backer items) for a roguelike game. 

So, I took some backer trinkets, overhauled them and made my very own fun-yet-balanced set. I kept their original names as well as some of their characteristics as I wanted to maintain the flavor of the game. I hope I will upload new trinkets soon, that depends on my free time and the feedback received.

This mod already takes 75 backer trinkets, which are redesigned in most of the cases, and puts them into the game! They become rare or very rare trinkets, get a brand-new picture (designed by me) and pretend to improve and expand the existing game mechanics.

This includes:

 - 30 “very rare” trinkets.

 - 25 “
ancestral” trinkets. 

 - 10 “collector” trinkets. 

 - 10 “madman” trinkets.

 - From the mentioned above 45 specific class items (2-4 per class)

 - 75 new trinket images

 - Several new trinket affixes

 - Some enhanced mechanics (sniper bounty-hunter, glass cannon Jester and more! ).

 - Optional Spanish Translation


 - This mod may be uncompatible with other mods that modify "trinkets.default" and"buff_library" unless you apply the changes manually.

 - Besides that, it DOES NOT break savegames nor make your old trinkets disappear! It's just an addition!

 - Said that, I don't take the responsibility of any further damage your game could suffer. Use it at your own risk!

To end, I'd like to give credit to Red Hook for the original content and congratulate them for this great game.

I like feedback: have you tried the new trinkets? Have any nice trinket idea in mind? Do you have any suggestion? Just tell me!

Modding games takes a lot of time and effort, so feel free to support me! Thank you so much!



T.O.P. is not an official Red Hook Studios product or product modification, and Red Hook Studios Inc. is not responsible in any way for changes or damages that may result from using the mod. Furthermore, “Darkest Dungeon” and the Darkest Dungeon logo are trademarks of Red Hook Studios Inc. All content in the game is Copyright Red Hook Studios Inc. All rights reserved.