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Add a new hero class, Martyr, to the Darkest Dungeon.

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Martyr - Class Mod

“Let me suffer for your sins, so you can be pure and wholesome, while I bleed and rot. Let me suffer for your sins.”

Martyr vows to endure the pain and suffering to comfort all others.  His body, torn and bleed from the holy signs and crucifixcial devices.  Bearing chains and instrument of self-torture, he walks the earth, seeking to repent the world for its sins.      


Martyr is a front line tank and healer.  His large HP allows him to take some punishment.  His healing skills are some of the best. However, they do come with cost, and usually at his own health or stress.  He is also not a strong fighter.  While exceptional against Unholy, he has relative very low damage dealing capabilities.  He can be a good party memeber if you team have some heavy backrow damage dealers (like Cannoneer).   


His skill usually have a self-cost to them. 

Unzip the file, and copy the folder into your DD's game folder.  If it work right, Martyr should show up at stagecoach at some point (appear rate like any regular heroes)


Design Note:
This is another class that I did a year ago.  Ported over and updated for the current version for the game.  Few skills have changed, but functionally the same.  

- Touch of Judgment: melee attack.  good against undead.
- Hand of Rapture: range attack.  good against undead.
- Blood of Martyr: Heal target, bleed self.
- Bearer of Sin: Stress heal target, stress self.
- Sign of Stigma: Strong self heal, only on rank 1.
- Lazarus Gift: Minor group heal, but also trigger a repo that heal group.
- Iron Shroud: Strong self protection. 

Playing Tips:

-An alterative way is put him in the back, and use Hand of Rapture, which is a decent attack skill (especiallin the Ruins).
-It might be helpuful to have another support healer (jester, courtesan, martyr), which they can clean each other.
-Use Sign of Stigma when possible, since it has a great heal ability. Also good if have someone that move up, so grant repeat use. 

Moded by: Actionjack
Thank you for playing and supports. Feed back welcomes.

*** Russian translation by Fulgrim ***

Feedback, comments, endorsement, welcome.  Thank you for playing.