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Turn your Heroes into Super Heroes!

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Super Heroes! v4.0 is now out for version v25681.8


-All vanilla heroes (including musketeer) updated, all of them revised for better gameplay.
-Area of effect values increased for some heroes, heal, attack etc. improved.
-Stun, bleed, death's door, disease, trap modifiers maxed for all heroes.
-Finally fixed the bug with Houndmaster, now he should be good to perform as the Super Hero he is meant to be.

F.A.Q. & Answers.

Q* What is this?

A* It's a difficulty modifier that makes your Heroes strong enough the withstand the harsh world of the Darkest Dungeon. Sometimes you'll feel like you're cheating, especially if you upgrade them as you go. But the game itself was the one who cheated all along. Yeah, you know what i'm talking about. You can actually relieve stress while playing this cool game now. Enjoy the concept, see where you haven't been yet. It is as light as the breeze of a bee's sneeze. Small note, your heroes still susceptible to stress, but i increased your crit modifiers to ease things on that end too. You'll survive, no worries.

Q* How do I install it?

A* After you unzip the RAR file, drop both of the "heroes" and "DLC" folders into Darkest Dungeon's main folder and replace the files. Don't delete anything before you copy them, don't do anything else. Just copy the files paste and replace them in game's main folder. For failsafe, backup your files before you replace them. Please, do that. If this mod becomes outdated there is a good chance this will be incompatible since redhookers always temper with info files on every update, you will have a quick way of restoring the game. And you woulnd't be mad at me as much. 

Q* Can you modify a custom class mod here on Nexus?  

A* Yes i can if you are willing to contribute me for my time. PM me for details.

Q* Your former updates included the DLC heroes before, why this update doesn't have DLC heroes now? What changed?

A* Unfortunately, i don't have DLC heroes now, only base game which i grabbed from Epic Games for free. I was playing/modding this game while i was living with my parents, dad had a GOG account that had DD and all the DLCs. Don't have access to it now, so back to square one for me.

Q* Why this mod exist? I think this isn't a difficulty mod, it's just a cheat mod. And if you are a cheater, you are a waste of life and not worthy of the title "true gamer" which is the coolest and most unique title in the known universe, you shameless oaf.

A* I get why you feel like that, i really do. But not everyone has time for the "grind" my friend. Some of us work besides playing games and some of us play games just to relax. Let people enjoy things the way they want to, will ya? Seen some people go as far as verbally attacking and ridiculing others just because of a game mod that they don't like. Not healthy at all.

Don't upload this to anywhere else. Nobody has permission for that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please feel free to report any bugs you may encounter. Enjoy.

Best regards
Mehmed Şamil ER