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A skin mod turning the Occultist into Zacharius, Dodger's DnD character from Strange Roads

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My second reskin from Arcadum's living world of Verum, Zacharius (Dodger's elven warlock from the campaign Strange Roads) is now here as the Occultist!
Granted power by the Gambler Black, Zach is here to roll dice and give you 0 heal + bleeds at as many opportune moments as possible. The skin is written in as an addition, rather than a replacement, so it'll appear as a fifth option (or xth option if you have more Occultist skins installed).

Please let me know if there are any bugs/broken textures, and I hope you enjoy!

If you are into dnd and have no idea where this character is from, check out Arcadum on twitch.tv - he hosts many simultaneous campaigns for a multitude of streamers, and it's all very cool. The other mod in the screenshots is my Big Pipe skin, another character from these campaigns, which you can find here.

This mod is also available on the workshop, but is being uploaded here for GOG players who need it installed differently.
To install manually:
1) Download the zip file.
2) Extract the folder from within the zip file, and place it in your DarkestDungeon/mods folder.
3) You will need to enable the mod from the game's main menu when you load your save. Since this is just a skin, you should be able to toggle it  on and off whenever