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Cheats and ID numbers for in-game items and creatures to spawn with the command console.

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Dark and Light's modding isn't quite available yet until the Dev's put out their Dev Kit for it.  For now, you can still use the command console for various commands.

This is a text file with Cheat Codes and Item ID's for the game Dark and Light.  I will provide all the Item IDs and cheats in the description as well as upload a text file for you to download if you would like. 

These are item ID's that I have found on various websites as well as getting them directly from within the game myself.  All the ID's seem to be spread around the Internet, so I decided to put them all in one place.  I have gone through the list and checked some that were blank to fill them in if applicable.  I also checked some numbers beyond the maximum I found and filled those in as well.  I checked, so far, up to 900 but there doesn't seem to be anything past 860 for now.

If you find any that are incorrect or still blank that in fact do have an item, please let me know in the Posts section.  I will then update the list.
If there are more ID numbers you checked and found items for, please let me know in the Posts section. I will then update the list.

This current list is up to 860 IDs as of 20th December 2017!

Cheat Codes:
* Logging in as Admin *
Press "numpad +" or whichever key you have bound your "Toggle Console" keybind in your options and type enablecheats [password].
(Options > Keybindings > Toggle Console [keep default keybind or select a new one]).

Example = enablecheats pass123

You can also use these cheat codes in single player mode. Single player mode does not need an Admin login nor a password.  Just open the command console and type in the codes.

Code and Effect

cheat god
- Enables God Mode. You can not die from direct damage or fall damage, but you can still drown, freeze to death, or overheat to death.
- Type the command in again to turn God Mode off.  You may have to fiddle with it and repeat the command several times.  Turning it off and on may be buggy.  Just jump off a short ledge that you would normally take some fall damage from and see if you take any fall damage to know whether God Mode is either on or off.  If you take fall damage, God Mode is off.  If you don't take fall damage, God Mode is on.

cheat fly
- Allows you to fly.

cheat walk 
- Deactivates flying and allows you to walk again.

cheat giveresources
- Gives you 50 of all resources.

cheat addexperience 1000 0 0 
- Gives you 1000xp.  You can change the 1000 value to whatever you'd like.

cheat infinitestats 
- Gives you infinite stats. 

cheat teleport

- Teleports you to coords 0 0 0 (X Y Z).

cheat slomo 5
- Changes the speed on the server such as player movement, use slomo 1 to revert to normal speed.

cheat playersonly
- Freezes absolutely everything except players; this even includes crafting.
- Type the command in again to unfreeze everything.

cheat ghost

- Turns on no-clip; you are able to walk through walls and objects.
- Type the command in again to un-ghost yourself.

cheat destroyallenemies

- Destroys all enemies.  They respawn eventually.

cheat enemyinvisible true/false
- Makes all creatures ignore you even if you attack them.
- Type the command in again to stop creatures from ignoring you.

cheat destroymytarget
- Destroys the object / enemy you are looking at.

stat fps 
- Shows your fps; usable by anyone.  Commands do not need to be enabled for this.
- Type the command in again to not show your fps.

cheat giveitemnum 299 [quantity] 0 0 
- Command for coins.

Forcing taming a creature --> type “forcetame” while looking at a creature.
AI toggled off --> type “cheat playeronly"
Free camera --> type “cheat enablespectator
Stop Camera --> type “stopspectating
Set color for creature --> type “settargetdinocolor (color region) (color)

If any of the above cheats are not working, try typing in the command name only without the "cheat" word in front of it.

Spawning in items/resources:

You can find the resources folders in your installation folder: Blueprint\Game\PrimalEarth\CoreBlueprints\Items\Resources 
I did not find such a folder.  I assume the new place for these files will be in: 
steamapps\common\Dark and Light\DNL\Content\PrimalEarth\CoreBlueprints\Resources

Admin Cheat GiveItem
Cheat Giveitemnum
(item ID) (quantity) (quality) 0

Example: cheat giveitemnum 1 1 1 0

A quality number from 0-2 usually give Common to Uncommon items.  Give or take.
A quality number from 3-7 usually give Rare to Epic items.  Give or take.
A quality number from 8-9 usually give Epic to Legendary items.  Give or take.
A quality number of 10 or above give Legendary items.  Few here and there may be of Epic quality. 

Note that above 10 doesn't really do anything but ensure Legendary only. For instance, you can use 99 for the quality if you wanted, but stats will still be random and not any better.  I rechecked items; comparing from a quality 10 to a quality of 99 and they actually do get better.  Some by a lot, some by a little.  BUT you can still end up with low quality items with a 99 quality number.  It's just less likely.

All qualities (item stats) are randomly generated.  Meaning if you made Legendary Leather Boots (cheat giveitemnum 131 1 10 0), every time you make them the quality/stats will be different.  You can make ten at a time (cheat giveitemnum 131 10 10 0) and each one will have different stats.

The number after the quality, from what I know, just refers to whether the item is a wearable armour or a blueprint.  If you change the end number "0" to "1", the item will be a blueprint, if applicable. If nothing is spawned, there is no blueprint for the item and you need to use "0" at the end of the code.  Quality works the same for blueprints.

Example: cheat giveitemnum 131 1 0 0 --> Leather Boots
Example: cheat giveitemnum 131 1 0 1 --> Blueprint of Leather Boots

When spawning in items, you can only spawn in a max amount of however much said item can stack to.  For instance, if you try to spawn in 1000 wood, it will only give you one stack of 100 at a time because that is the max amount a wood stack can have.  It will not spawn in ten stacks of 100 wood. 

However, if you accidentally spawn in 1000 of something that is a single stack, such as leather boots, it will fill your inventory of that item and make you over encumbered so be careful.  If that does happen, just use the "drop all" option or hold the D key down over all those extra items that you don't want.  Dropping all these items at once may lag your game a bit depending on your computer.  They de-spawn after a few minutes, so don't worry about the mess.

**Due to the length of the list, I put it in a "spoiler" section below. Click "show" to view the list of Item ID's.**
To quickly find something you are looking for, open the .txt file (download section) in notepad and use the Search > Find... Then type in part of the word/item you're looking for.

Item ID List

Spawning in a creature or NPC:

To spawn a creature/enemy/NPC type in the console:
cheat summon (Creature ID)

Example: cheat summon ghost_character_bp_c

Using the cheat summon will spawn the creature with a random level in front of you.

Another way to spawn in creatures is by using cheat spawndino:

cheat spawndino (Creature ID) (XYZ coords) (Level)

When using the cheat spawndino command, it requires 5 parameters: filepath, Xcoord, Ycoord, Zcoord, Level

The X, Y, Z coords start from the distance of your character.  So 1 1 1 will spawn it right in front of you.  Level will be the level of the creature that is spawned.  You can take the command below and replace the path with the desired creature path and adjust level.

Example: cheat spawndino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DarkAndLight/object/Monster/Firecara1/Firecara1_Character_BP.Firecara1_Character_BP'" 5 5 5 10

The above example will spawn in a level 10 Flarehorn in front of you.

This might not be a full list of creatures due to game updates.  You can find the creature folders in your installation folder for more creatures if any were added: 
steamapps\common\Dark and Light\DNL\Content\Mods\DarkAndLight\object\Monster

**Due to the length of the list(s), I put them in a "spoiler" section below. Click "show" to view the list of ID's.**

Creature/Enemy/NPC ID’s Using "cheat summon"

Creature ID’s Using "cheat spawndino"


If I missed anything or something is wrong, please let me know in the Posts section.  Thank you very much!  I look forward to future mods for this game once the Dev Kit is available.  Enjoy!!