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Click torches to pick them off the wall and add them to your inventory.

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Premise: I play Daggerfall with light settings set way down and the Improved Interior Light mod. This causes dungeons to be really dark unless there is a light source nearby or you use a torch or lantern yourself. I feel this improves the games dungeon crawling atmosphere immensely and adds the extra challenge of making sure you have packed enough lamp oil or torches for the trip.

Problem: Sometimes I run out of oil or torches. At that point I stumble around in the dark corridors except for when I run into wall-mounted torches. However, this is then just annoying because the obvious solution is just to take the damn torch off the wall and bring it with you!

The mod: If you click a torch in a dungeon, the torch disappears from the wall, plunging the area into darkness but gives you a new torch item in your inventory.