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The introduction of Spell Level (SL) as a metric of the strength of player-cast spells.

The duration, chance of success and magnitude of PC-cast spells is a function of magic skill, Willpower and Luck.

Options available to turn on verbosity to show the calculations in-game.
Not all effects are currently supported.

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The intruduction of Spell Level (SL). The duration, chance of success and magnitude of PC-cast spells is a function of the relevant magic skill, Willpower and Luck.

Formulas introduced by the mod:
Skill Spell Level = (Relevant Magic Skill - 9 ) /3
Willpower Spell Level = 10 + (Willpower / 5)

Luck will have a role in that there will be (Luck -50)/10 points available to increase (or decrease) the one of the aforementioned with the lower value.

Overall Spell Level is defined as the lower of Skill Spell Level and Willpower Spell Level after applying the Luck-points.

The spell effects currently supported are:
RESTORATION: HealFatigue, HealHealth, CureDisease, CureParalyzation, CurePoison, FreeAction, SpellAbsorption, Regenerate
DESTRUCTION: DamageHealth, DamageFatigue, DamageSpellPoints, ContinuousDamageFatigue, ContinuousDamageHealth, ContinuousDamageSpellPoints, Disintegrate
THAUMATURGY: WaterWalking, DetectEnemy, DetectMagic, DetectTreasure, Levitate, SpellReflection, SpellAbsorption
ALTERATION: Slowfall, WaterBreathing, Paralyze, Shield
MYSTICISM: DispelDaedra, DispelUndead, DispelMagic, Silence, SoulTrap
ILLUSION: ChameleonNormal, ChameleonTrue