Daggerfall Unity
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A mod that aims at recreating the terrain of Daggerfall with high resolution source materials.

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A mod that aims at recreating the terrain of Daggerfall wigh high resolution source materials. Currently includes textures for Mountain, Swamp and Temperate climates.


If you are on Windows you can use Vortex Mod Manager. Otherways, manually place high resolution terrain textures.dfmod inside StreamingAssets/Mods.

If you are using Daggerfall Unity 0.10.25 or above, you can try a preview version of this mod which uses an alternative shader based on splatmapping. It's available in the files section with the name Splat Terrain Texturing - Preview.


Use Vortex Mod Manager or delete high resolution terrain textures.dfmod from StreamingAssets/Mods.


It should be compatible with any mod that alters terrains without affecting texturing (Distant Terrain, Mountains and Hills). Note that load order in Daggerfall Unity works as in Skyrim and other TES games. If you have other mods that add terrain textures, the one in the lower position will be used. This mod only provides terrain textures, so if you use DREAM you want to place High Resolution Terrain Textures after it.