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This mod pack contains optional modules to enhance roleplay and realism for Daggerfall Unity gameplay, specifically focussing on items and loot. It's intended to be used in conjunction with the main Roleplay & Realism mod pack, and is separate only because the item stat changes (weight & price) cannot be made as an optional module.

Permissions and credits
Roleplay & Realism: Items, by Hazelnut and Ralzar
(was called "Loot Realism" up to version 0.2, but is now re-branded to make the link to Roleplay & Realism clearer)


This mod pack contains optional modules to enhance roleplay and realism for Daggerfall Unity gameplay, specifically focussing on items and loot. Enable / disable the modules in the mod settings. It's intended to be used in conjunction with the main Roleplay & Realism mod pack, and is separate only because the item stat changes (weight & price) cannot be made as an optional module. Hence this separate package allows players to decide if they want the item stat changes or not by enabling or disabling this entire mod. Any modules that rely on these item changes are in this pack and are configurable in settings.

This aim of this mod is to refine items and loot in DFU to be a little more realistic, both in what you find on bodies and in loot piles, as well as the stats & cost of some existing items. It is not a complete reworking or redesign of the item and loot systems of Daggerfall or anything like that, however it does make some light touch rebalancing of weapons to give more valid options.

Current modules:

  • Item rebalance (can only be disabled by disabling the entire pack)
  • Loot Rebalance
  • Bandaging
  • Condition Based Prices
  • Realistic Enemy Equipment
  • Skill Based Starting Equipment
  • Skill Based Starting Spells
  • Refined Weapon Balance
  • New Weapons (Archers Axe & Light Flail)
  • New Armor (Mail armor set)

Item Rebalance

Note that this module cannot be disabled without disabling the entire mod. Several items have had stats and prices adjusted.

  • Price of a Horse or a Wagon has been substantially increased. Combined with the gold drop chances you will have to work a bit for that horse or cart now.
  • Many small items, like parchments and arrows, had weirdly high weight numbers. This has been adjusted down to something more reasonable.
  • Weapon max conditions have been refined. Main effect is bows are a little less fragile.
  • Dai-Katana renamed to Odachi which is the correct name, weight increased to 5.5.
  • Katana weight increased to 3.5
  • Mace weight increased to 6
  • Warhammer weight increased to 8.5
  • Japanese weapons are more fragile, and rarer. (especially Odachis)

Loot Rebalance

  • Dungeon Loot Piles made more appropriate. Caves, Mines and Nests: Armor, some Weapons. Castles: High Armor and Weapons. Dragons Dens: Money. Laboratory: Books. Somewhat increased chance of Magic Items everywhere.
  • Enemies grouped into more sensible categories for loot generation.
  • Gold generation from enemy loot is roughly halved.
  • Enemy loot made more appropriate. Knights: Armor, some Weapons. Fighters: Weapon, some Armor. Woodsmen and Criminals: Weapons and Clothes. Spellcasters: Books, Clothes, some weapons. Undead: Some armor, some weapons. Liches and Mummys might drop Magic Items. Daedras: maybe Magic Items. Vampires: Clothes.


This is the way I want bandages to work, with stackable & lighter bandages. This takes precedence over the implementation in the main Roleplay & Realism mod package, unless this module is disabled. Because in this mod the bandages are much lighter and stack, they consequently heal less than the Roleplay & Realism implementation.

Condition Based Prices

When selling items, the condition of the items affect selling price. So a "broken" item will sell for much less than a "new" item.

Realistic Enemy Equipment

Enemies now have equipment based on their level and class, and in used condition. Archers have bows, Knights have more armor etc.

Skill Based Starting Equipment

When creating a new character, you will start with low-level and used condition equipment that matches your skill choices. Characters with weapon skills as primary or major skills will start with one of each weapon matching the skills chosen. Everyone gets a terrible iron knife though! There are also lots of other mundane items assigned for the other skills, like a helmet for climbing, or a loin-cloth for swimming. Every primary and secondary skill gets you something.

Skill Based Starting Spells

When starting a new character, you will start with a set of very low-level custom spells based on magic skills chosen as Primary or Major skills. Note that for magic schools, you get more spells if it's a primary skill.

Refined Weapon Balance

A light touch rebalance of weapon speed and damage with the objective of making all weapons valid choices based on weight to damage. There's still some variation but choosing a favourite weapon for role-play will have very small penalties compared to vanilla. Generally speaking swords have high ranges so a hit may do hardy any damage (glance off) or lots of damage (sever a limb). On the other end, while blunt weapons now can't do as much damage in a single blow as blades, they do more reliable damage where even a glancing blow still does reasonable damage due to the weight of impact. Axes are in-between. Heavier weapons cannot attack as fast as lighter ones, although high strength will mitigate this somewhat.

Like with all modules, this can be disabled if you want to stick with vanilla damage & speed. Doing so will allow the basic attack speed module of the base R&R mod to be enabled or disabled, as this module takes precedence. (load order doesn't matter for these sibling mods) Note also that the weapon weight adjustments can only be removed by disabling this whole mod. Also note that the calculation is made on the base weight of the weapons regardless of material weight changes or enchantments, otherwise Ebony Warhammers become godly weapons with their 50% weight which is not good balance.

Here is a table of the vanilla stats and the Realism stats with change values in bold:

New Weapons and New Armor Set

Archers Axe & Light Flail: These two new weapons have been added to fill gaps in the axe and blunt weapon sets, providing lighter one handed weapons for these skills. Ideal for a secondary weapon for ranged characters as they are much faster to switch to than bigger, heavier weapons. They are availiable in
all materials and can be purchased as well as dropped in loot like all vanilla weapons.

Mail Armor Set: This new armor set fills a gap in armor, providing a slightly lighter alternative to the vanilla armor. Consisting of chest, leg, arm, and feet protection (Hauberk, Chausses, Spaulders, Sollerets) and can be made out of all materials, with Chain-Deadric Mail versions which can all be worn by characters who forgo plate armor.

An example of how they look, as modelled by Una: