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Warm Ashes is a mod that adds random encounters and events to the game.

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What is Warm Ashes?
This is a silent quest system that runs in the background that selects random dungeons and gives it life. A meaning to explore.
You might find nothing, or you might find a group of bandits, some treasure or maybe you are even being followed yourself.
I hope this gives incentive to explore besides the dungeon's themselves
for now you might stumble upon something when you explore!

-All Dungeons supported.
-Upon finding a location, a random event might occur.
-City Events and Quests
-Siege active keeps!

Warm Ashes v3.0.9 (Final)
-Removed Wilderness Module in preparation for new release.

Where did the wilderness content go? Now available here:
Warm Ashes - Wilderness Encounters


Step 1: Extract contents of zip file to .\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets. This will place "WAQ00.txt" through "WAQ06.txt" in your "Quests" folder, and the "Kamer" folder in "QuestPacks".

Step 2: Start Daggerfall Unity.

Step 3 - New Game
Click Play.
Start a new character.
After creation is complete, you'll get prompts asking if you want to enable things.
Verify quests have started by pressing "Shift-Tab".

Step 3 - Load Game:
(This only needs to be done ONCE after mod install, per character!)
Make sure "Advanced > Enhancements > Game Console" is enabled.
Click Play.
Load existing character.
Open console with ( ~ or ` ) key
Type "start quest WAQ##", without quotes, replacing the ## with the number of the module. Do this six times in total, 00 through 05.
Verify quests have started by pressing "Shift-Tab".