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Warm Ashes is a mod that adds random encounters and events to the game. Previously run through the quest system, Warm Ashes will now work like any other mod installation.

Permissions and credits
What is Warm Ashes?
This is a silent quest system that runs in the background that selects random dungeons and gives it life. A meaning to explore.
You might find nothing, or you might find a group of bandits, some treasure or maybe you are even being followed yourself.
I hope this gives incentive to explore besides the dungeon's themselves
for now you might stumble upon something when you explore!

-All Dungeons supported.
-Upon finding a location, a random event might occur.
-Wilderness Encounters.
-City Events and Quests
-Siege active keeps!

Warm Ashes Final Release

Warm Ashes Version 3 will be the final version of this mod. I had plans fora V4 to upgrade into a DFMOD but i ultimately decided to cancle that version.
I do not plan to go back to this version either however. In the future, expect an extended version of the modules but as separate mods. So for now,
I've updated the classic Warm Ashes quest files to add some features before I call it final.

Warm Ashes v3.0.4 (Final)

-Added infighting to the encounters. (Sieges are compatible with the Mercs mod)
-Siege Bosses get abilities to heal and use certain buffs on themselves.
-Sieges now has music to represent the different waves of enemies.
-Wilderness system has been once again been tweaked.

This might not be the final release, I will fix any bugs that may be in this version, but when it comes to content, this is as far as it goes. Thanks for all the feedback and support these few years.

Warm Ashes v3.0.8 (Final)
-Reduce wilderness encounters to one encounter per wilderness visit.
-Re-added basic quests installation.


Step 1: Extract contents of zip file to .\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets. This will place "WAQ00.txt" through "WAQ06.txt" in your "Quests" folder, and the "Kamer" folder in "QuestPacks".

Step 2: Start Daggerfall Unity.

Step 3 - New Game
Click Play.
Start a new character.
After creation is complete, you'll get prompts asking if you want to enable things.
Verify quests have started by pressing "Shift-Tab".

Step 3 - Load Game:
(This only needs to be done ONCE after mod install, per character!)
Make sure "Advanced > Enhancements > Game Console" is enabled.
Click Play.
Load existing character.
Open console with ( ~ or ` ) key
Type "start quest WAQ##", without quotes, replacing the ## with the number of the module. Do this six times in total, 00 through 05.
Verify quests have started by pressing "Shift-Tab".