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Inventory Filter- 1.2
This implements a filter to the inventory window; allowing you to filter to specific items, categories of items, or types of materials.

• Daggerfall Unity Version 0.10.11 or higher

* you can perform positive filters such as steel to find all steel items
* you can perform negative filters such as -steel to find all items not made of steel
* you can combine filters such as -steel weapon to find all weapons not made of steel

:: Instructions
Download "Inventory Filter.dfmod" for your Operating System (windows, OSX, or Linux)
Note: Daggerfall Unity version 0.10.11 or higher required.
Copy "Inventory Filter.dfmod" to your daggerfall_Data/StreamingAssets/Mods folder.
Start the game, and click on mods (lower left corner). Find Inventory Filter in the list of mods, and then ensure that it is enabled.


Delete "Inventory Filter.dfmod" from daggerfall_Data/StreamingAssets/Mods. If you only want to temporarily remove it, you can disable it in the mods section without removing the dfmod.

:: Changes
1.2 - Added functionality to support new shortcut keys in 0.10.18. Once you press return, you will lose focus on the filter textbox. Any key presses from that point will not be added to the filter box until you click on the filter box again.

♦ Interkarma and team for making Daggerfall unity a reality!
♦ theLacus for all the excellent coding help
♦ Petchema for help creating the filter button and auto filter mechanism