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Alters Daggerfall's monster spawning methods to eliminate level scaling and make dungeons more harmonious. Orcs will be in orc strongholds, spiders in spider nests, mages in covens, and so on.

Permissions and credits
**WARNING: A part of this mod replaces QuestList-Classic.txt. Beware other mods that replace this file!!**

**SECOND WARNING: This mod is in no way compatible with the excellent Daggerfall Enemy Expansion mod. They overwrite each other's spawning method.**

If desired, you can use the unleveled quest rewards from this mod with Vanilla Quests Reranked. Just use the QuestList-Classic file from VQR and use the quest files from Unleveled Quests. They will work together fine. Or use either mod separately as you wish. VQR is more balanced, and if you have to choose a QuestList-Classic from either mod, I prefer the VQR one.


Unleveled Mobs: Copy the appropriate "unleveled mobs.dfmod" file into your \Streaming Assets\Mods folder and enable it in the Daggerfall Unity start menu.

Unleveled Quests: Copy the contents of this zip file into the Streaming_Assets folder of your Daggerfall Unity installation. Replace everything. It should replace some files in your Quests and Tables folders. See the readme for uninstallation.


Forum user John Doom has submitted an edited version of Unleveled Mobs, allowing you to choose a specific level when unscaling happens! No more running into daedra and liches at level 1, if you so choose. I'm not maintaining any edition of this mod, and users should seek out John Doom for necessary support.

I am not updating these quests with the QOL improvements and bug fixes that go into main DFU updates. I may do so at some point, but I will not now. Any quest bugs that existed when these quests were created will persist for the time being.

This mod will probably be very difficult at times. Main quest dungeons are not affected.


Special thanks to Hazelnut for helping me put together this mod, as I have very little technical knowledge. Thanks to Interkarma and the entire Daggerfall Workshop community for launching this game forward.