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Retro Nintendo style Daggerfall music. If it looks retro, it must sound retro.

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This is a Daggerfall Unity music overhaul mod to make DFU Unity sound retro like those Nintendo games. It will replace main 44 music files with retro Nintendo gaming console like chip style music files. More versions will be released in future covering all Sounds and Songs present in original Daggerfall.


Place or replace all 44 sound files (.ogg) under this archive into DAGGERFALL UNITY\DaggerfallUnity_Data\StreamingAssets\Sound or just emptyout sound folder and put all .ogg files in it.

Make sure to Disable DREAM- Music , Vanilla MIDI OST - Music on a Roland SC55, Re-sequenced Daggerfall music
 or any other mod that replaces original Song/Music files.

Mods that affect Sound files should work with this mod.


The objective of this mod is to make DFU songs sound retro. This mod uses .midi files from original Daggerfall, so if you hear gaps and static in songs, that is intentional and is how its suppose to be. However in future version some songs will be fixed and more sounds and songs will be addded.